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Saturday, 11 December 2010

The date we turned 9 : )

DF argued it's our 8th but I insisted that it's our 9th. He said, the one year on the break isn't included but hey! Who's counting?! So, despite the mathematical problem that we had there love, I still wish us both Happy 9th Anniversary. I love you. I love you. I love you!!! :)

I was busy with the invitation cards till very late last night. So just before going to bed, I texted DF this:

"Happy 9th anniversary sayang : ) among other things that's been going through my life, loving you is the best thing that ever happens to me. In 3 weeks, I'll be yours for always and I can't wait to have my nights and days with you and I am all ready to grow old with you. I love you sayang and forever will do : )"

Of course he didn't reply. It was after 1 am of 10th December and I was sure he was fast asleep at that time. But I wasn't alone. Fluffy seemed to know the special date that she was all attached to me, being cuddly and kissing me (well, more like "licking" my face actually) till we both went asleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night (coz she was snoring in my ear!) I still found her sleeping next to me, till early this morning at 9 am (when Sharul called with a smiling "Happy anniversary" greet). Now, that's some true loving there, don't you think ; ) thank you baby Fluffy. Mummy loves you too ok : )

My day was again occupied with stickers and invitation cards. By 7 pm, Sharul called and we went out to our first 3D movie, Narnia. It's always been our favourite and we never missed them. But DF must have a tiring day at work that he snored half way through the movie. I had to nudge him awake. We went home right after movie as we were too sleepy for supper.
Look at us!! All chubby but happyyyy~~ Heee :p

There was nothing extra special on today's date. Having a not-so-romantic hubby-to-be, I just couldn't be bothered to complain. I guess 9 years together had been teaching us both not to expect extraordinary treatments from each other lol! We sound so cheap huh! Hehe..

Now I have about 5 hours of sleep before our long trip to Miri tomorrow with my mom, my brother and his girlfriend. Sharul needs more souvenir bags while I simply need a new proper top to wear to our pre-wedding photoshoots session this Sunday. We hope to find cheap pairs of shoes for our hantarans too.

I better go to bed now. Good night all : )

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