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Saturday, 25 December 2010

The sudden pressure

One week left to my "nikah", I suddenly feel butterflies in my tummy tonight especially after attending my cousin's "nikah" ceremony yesterday afternoon. Certain things got me on alert:

1. The cousin's "hantarans" - awesome decos..

2. The time waiting for the "akad nikah" - my legs are still painful and I could not sit long..

3. My room - I still can't figure out what colour for the walls. Sharul is not helping at all every time I asked for opinion.. *sighhh*

4. The videographer - I am in a dilemma.. Sharul does not want any (to save budget) but I DO want one coz I wanna keep memory of our big day, of all functions. He said: "We have photographers. That is enough..." *sigh*

5. The pre-wed pictures - honestly, I don't like them! Not because of the quality of the pictures, but we just COULD NOT pose naturally. I mean, I can. But Sharul just doesn't give a damn! I hate thinking how BAD our wedding pictures gonna be *SIGHHH*

On record, I am UNhappy today... *sigh*


Lulu said...

1. don't compare
2. practice??
3. u choose
4. it's important
5. erm... no comment


Suzila A said...

lulu ahhh.... lol!! now i feel better. maybe it's one of those days when nervous breakdown strikes hihihi... :p see u guys at my wedding? ;)

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