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Sunday, 19 December 2010

The .... hmmm ....

Our today was long. Occupied I must say. DF and I went to the bridal boutique to check on our wedding costumes. When we got there, I asked the tailor whether she'd done my nikah dress. She then pointed to a corner and there it was. Elegantly displayed on a mannequin. I tried it on. A few adjustments were to be made. The dress was too short for me. The arms' length was not to my satisfaction. The chest...well. I need a push up bra! LoL!! So she's gonna have to make it better or I'll not be happy on my day *sigh*

Then, the next try out: my bersanding outfit. I liked the design. I mean, I don't really care coz what do I know about fashion. Anyhow, I liked it. A bit. Same faults. So, she's gonna make it better too. DF's outfits weren't ready yet she said but soon. Oh, my veils weren't ready yet too, so I found out. It's 13 days left but I dunno.. I don't feel too pressurized just yet. Not even now. I am sure they will be ready!
Sneak peak of my bersanding outfit..

Then we went off to Madang tailor to take my top for this afternoon's pre-wed photo shoots. Ended up, DF preferred me wearing the top I was wearing: the one he bought for me in Bandung two weeks ago. From there, I went to Fred's for a make over while DF went to have a hair cut. We were 45 minutes late to the location and it rained soon as we got there. Shahrum and the team requested us to do it another time but we insisted on having it today instead. I mean, I paid $80 for the make-up! So we decided to have it done at the Empire Hotel and have some indoor shoots. It's typical so I kinda disliked the idea but what the heck!
Syukri did the make-up for me. He even came to the shooting location to do touch-ups for me. Thanks dearie ;)

We had the shooting from 4pm till 7pm. It was difficult and funny at the same time. The precious moment was when DF and I were connected again within that 3 hours. I mean, we were into each other, acting at a few scenes but later on, we had it kicking! LoL!! I gotta say, at some point, we came natural. I mean, the team wanted us to relax and just act naturally so we did. Hopefully it'll show well in the pictures :)

By 8pm, we had dinner at a nearby restaurant, MOD. Man weren't we hungry! It was tiring and we were thirsty. Not to mention hard. You know, with the flashes and all. And the constant smiles. Our cheeks hurt! LoL!! I wonder how we'd survive the 4 wedding functions erkK!!
Our dinner at MOD..
Us today. Tired but happy :))

Then the bad thing happened. I drove home alone after sending off DF. It was raining heavily. It was barely 9pm so I wasn't really sleepy but the fake eyelashes were freaking annoying! They made my eyes heavy.

Then suddenly, this car at the other lane was getting into my lane that I stomped on the brake, hard, only to have my car swerved sideways. As I realized that I almost hit on the car, I hit on the brake again, harder, and so my Kia went up the stable on my right. Still hitting on the brake, I heard the constant sound of croaking and bumping. My car finally stopped. I looked at the side mirrors. Luckily, there weren't any cars coming. So I drove slowly down the stable, and to the side lane on the left, having the emergency light on. The sound of punctured tyre was heard. I called DF right away, shaking.

The next 30 minutes, we got the car towed back home. DF and my brother got the tyre fixed and bumper attached. Mom and dad were surprised. I did call my brothers but they came too late as we already had the car on tow. We'll have it checked at the workshop tomorrow, and DF is gonna do that. He said he'd leave work early. Thanks sayang.
The crooked rem had the tyre punctured. The tyre's fine but it's the rem that I'll have to replace..
Look what I did to my bumper...Sorry Kia :((
DF and my brother replacing the punctured tyre with the spare one..

So that's today. I am still shocked now but alhamdulillah, I am fine.


Scrapper Maya said...

Alhamdulillah you're fine. Erkk lately the weather is unpredictable with the constant rain.

Anyway you looked gorgeous & natural with that makeup ;)

Anonymous said...

Salam suzi,
I'm shocked read ur latest post! Be xtra careful dear coz ur big day round the corner udah!..


Suzila A said...

Hi Maya! Yea, Alhamdulillah.. I was shaking and I still remember the fear I was feeling when my car gone up that stable. I was even expecting me going 360^ coz of the slippery road. Thank God it didn't happen and Alhamdulillah, there were no cars coming from behind. God bless that driver in red car. I should've copied his license plate number pffttt!!

Oh the make-up.. Sharul said I looked like the ex news reader: Aya Haji Abdul Hamid! I must look very different to his eyes hahaha!! He never likes me with make-up on kekekeee :p

Suzila A said...

Hi Syair. How are you? :) I am feeling better now. I stayed home all day yesterday. Maybe due to the impact of that accident. My car is at the workshop now and would cost me about $1k to repair. What the heck! I am still in one piece, I don't think I'm gonna complain :p

It's 9 more days to my nikah now. And you are invited!! :D Please give me your email address. Or if you're on Facebook, inbox me at Suzila Ahmad ya :)) Would love to see you in person, and on my big day *hugs* :))

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