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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Home ..

KL's done! Now am back to my normal boring life. Am not complaining but stating the truth. I wish I could do more interesting things from now on. I want to have lesser workloads, cause as everyone can see, this is the main source of my boring life. Sometimes I wonder how other people get to do too much work while others do so little in the same department. One goes here and there to complete numerous tasks, another just sits down reading today's paper with folded legs!

I want to do more adventure this year. I want to travel and spend my money for the 3 of us: me, myself and I! I want to try doing things I haven't done yet. Well, I don't have the list just yet but I feel like I DO have things I want to do before I get married.

Hmm .. Speaking of the 'get married' topic, it seems like this peak moment of my life has been taken over by non other than my mom. She has prepared everything (apart from the budget that is) by telling the elders in the family about my engagement which will be held in December, after Yanti's wedding. Apparently, mom doesn't like the idea of me getting engaged too soon but getting on the aisle too late, get what I mean?

So, it's decided (by mom) that the engagement is in December and the wedding in March or April. I don't say much when she brings up this topic. I guess I just don't want to put so much hope in the topic like I did in the past. I do pray it will come true but I leave it to Him to set it right for me. Tawakkal tu Allallah :)

I will be 30 in 2 weeks. I looked at myself in the mirror and I didn't see much wrinkles on my face, though I have lots of grey hair. Erkk! I won't colour it brown like I did few years back. Mom would kill me! So just let 'em grow thick and greyish then.

I want to be happy at 30. I want to taste a better life ahead. Am not saying I didn't enjoy my 20s, I did! But there were too much sadness in between that made my life hell most of the decade back. I want to be happy! I want to laugh more! I want to cry less :) Would caring less about other people's business make me happier? I guess so huh! My past has shown me trying to help dozens lives but ended up me as the mean one. So yes! Lesser troubles. Lesser thoughtfulness. More of me. Me and me and me!! :)

Hey, am home! This is my home from now on! I will be happy!!! :)

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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