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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Unforgettable Experience

Yesterday was the day I was bound to be at the State Court to follow-up with the road accident I was involved in last November - which my poor Kia Carens is still at the garage. Am so broke I can't pay it out just yet! :(

So, yesterday, I went to the Court, only to find out I lost the summon statement! God knows where it had gone to! I was sure I left it in the car. So I went to the nearby police station to get a copy of the statement but I was too late. They had sent all the papers for the day's trials to the main office at the Court. I was late and I had to file a report of the missing statement so I could present it to whoever I was going to see at the Court later on. By 8am, Sharul and I were off to bandar.

At the Court itself, we had to drop by the police office to present the paper I was bringing. Again, I was too late! All papers had just been sent to the Court for my trial just a few moment before. The lady at the counter was so nice that she'd make me a copy of my statement if I were a few minutes earlier. What the hell, we rushed down the hall and looked for the doors to the trial. The lady said my turn was scheduled at 8.30am and it was now 8.25am. Gosh!

Entering the Court, it was a different environment. There were two lawyers (I thought so) at both sides of the Magistrate, who was sitting facing us all. He looked so ... stern. Serious but very charismatic. I like! But sent a shiver in me erk!

The first trial was unlike the ones I saw on TV. There were no screaming or shouting or even that small hammer-like tool to keep the audience silent. Instead, the lawyers signaled us not to make noises, or even whisper. It was the 3rd trial that sent me and Sharul to shock. The defendant did not admit his fault though it was obvious that he was wrong. The Magistrate was still holding his charismatic character and managed to fire the man back. The man was sent back to his seat and would be trialed again a few hours later.

Then my turn came. It was quick I must say, My mum's advice came to mind: "Just admit your fault. Don't answer back!" And it was my fault after all. I hit the car and I was careless. The lawyer read the conviction letter to me and I pleaded guilty. I also begged for leniency so the I was given discount :P In the end, I had to pay $250 for the fine.

It was funny when Sharul and I learnt that we had to bow when entering or leaving the Court. We didn't know about the Court protocol! When we saw others bow, even before sitting down, we were like ... looking at each other, wide eyed! Hehe :P That's how naive we were. Before opening the door of the court to leave, of course we turned around and ... bowed! It was an experience! New experience.

I had to re-new my driving license - I just realised that it had expired a month ago when taking out my I.C. out of my wallet when reporting for the missing summon statement paper. Phew! So, after the trial, I asked Sharul to bring me to the Transport Department at Beribi. He refused as he wanted to go back to work. I went pissed!

Me: No way! You can't leave!
Sharul: I have to go back. I promised to be at work at 10am. Now it's 9.30 already..
Me: Owhh! Now your work is more important than me huh!
Sharul: Sigh~ No .. You know that's not true!
Me: Now I am just asking you to bring me to re-new my license and you said 'No'. So when am pregnant with your baby, you'll go to work instead too then?!
Sharul: *silent* Sigh~
Me: I don't ask often. Now when I do, you refuse!
Sharul: Not often? Cheh! You always do!!
Me: No, I don't! Hmmph! You don't care about me anymore!!
Sharul: Grrr!!! My hair's gone straight-thin thinking about you, you know that!
Me: LOL! :P

And yes, with that, Sharul took me to re-new my license :) He loves me still and is gonna be 'tortured' by me for the rest of his life! Uwahahaha!!! *evil laugh* :D

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