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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Suzila is Disappointed...

Today is the 10th, so there's a month left for our engagement. The planning was discussed way back in December, initially on 15th, now 10th.

Today I went to have my RIPAS appointment. All was alright, though I get wheezy quite frequently the past few weeks. It must be the pressure I am facing at work and it all proved true as my BP was quiet high, and another 1.5kg loss in 2.5 months. The doc gave me tips on keeping myself free from asthma attacks. Sharul went with me. He didn't go to work to accompany me seeing the doc.

On the way back to the car (we planned to have late lunch coz our turn at the pharmacy was in the next 200 numbers), Sharul saw my mum and sis. Mum was accompanying my sis on check-ups after been accepted to work at UBD. So we had a quick chat and soon after, Sharul told my mum about wanting to see mum and dad for the 'merisik' occasion.

Now the disappointing part ..... My mum told Sharul "Not now. Not the right time."

It's now 10th, and the time is ticking. We won't start preparing for the occasion until dad approves of Sharul.

It's now not the right time. When is the meeting gonna be?

Sigh~ I'm sure will get wheezy more often now and my BP .... My status: sad :(


Princess Gizmo said...

Don't be sad dear.. Insya-Allah kalau ada jodoh inda kemana tu ok? :) keep your positive thinking. Don't worry too much.

Hugs & kisses..

Suzila A said...

Thanks dear .. InsyaAllah. Pray for us ya ...

ANIH said...

ling, sabar ah. I noe hoew u feel. Banyak kan berdoa ling, insha,allah jodoh kuat g pun ling ani barang baik. Atu dugaan tu ling. Lumrah sdh tu. Ada g yang worse than that. Tapi mbri sedih pulang.. This thing mesti ada cooperation jua.

Insha'allah ling dalam masa terdekat ani.. everything gonna be alright.. k.. *hugs

Suzila A said...

Thanks dear .. *hugs*

MamaShasha said...

I hope everything will be fine and there must be ways to setle this thing. As Maya and Anih said, kalau jodoh inda akan ke mana ling. Trust that one. Allah got a better plan for us. Only He knows...

Good luck and Sabar...:)

MamaShasha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suzila A said...

Thank you girls. Love you all *mwahz* Pray for me ya .. *tsk! tsk!*

izz said...

sis, sabar yaaa...
sy doakan suzi tenang hadapi dan semoga semuanya berjalan lancar dan settle a.s.a.p... *hugs*
(moga hati2 mereka dilembutkan dan dibukakan menerima seadanya.. ;)..)

Suzila A said...

:) Thanks Izz... Love has its ups and downs *sigh* Hope you all the best too ya sis. & hope to see you in KL next week :) *hugs*

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