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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Book Fare Craze!

Finally went out with my baby today :) Missed him so! His car air-con unfortunately wasn't working so it kind of spoiled his day huhu~ I was alright with the weather. I prefer it hot but windy now. I've had enough of cold and rain. Always made me sick!

After lunch at Brunei Chicken Rice Restaurant (hadn't gone here for so long!), our first destination was the nearby Indoor Stadium. Sharul was looking for a book on Welding Inspector. Instead, I was the one buying some! Me! Buying books! Haha! Laugh on me :P

It was crazy! I spent a dollar for 5 books (no kidding!) and 4 novels cost $10 :) Seeing me buying the novels, Sharul was like "Since when?? Will you have the time??" keke :P

I also found this .. for $2.50! This might be an old book but see below! :P

Some great ideas on wedding decos in here! Worth buying! ;)

From the book fare, we went to The Mall. I needed to buy some shirts and jackets for my dad. It was nice making him happy with the new bajus I got him :)


Princess Gizmo said...

Hehehe..Enjoy ur books huh? Anyway remind me next time to give back ur novel!!!! You know I'm very forgetful lately!!!

Suzila A said...

Hehe .. I am forgetful also what! :P

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