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Monday, 23 March 2009

The Weekend Update

My Friday and Saturday were packed. The new boss didn't stop me from handling the Leadership Camp of my previous school (they faxed letter to the new boss requesting me to do so). So yeah, I did become the Camp Commandant of the said camp.

Friday camp was majorly handled by me, especially the morning part. The other facilitators helped a lot and the campers enjoyed the activities. The achievement was, most of the kids never went camping so whatever I brought into the day camp, they seemed ... amazed! Hehe :P Even Dine and Matin, who joined the Singapore-Brunei Camp 2007 and Brunei-Singapore Camp 2008 respectively thought the camp I handled this time was enjoyable :) Thanks to Drama courses I went to the past weeks. I adopted some activities from there into the camp. Big thanks to Louie for the creative ideas! :)

Camp Commandant on the move (have I lost weight? Yes? No?) hmmm ... :P
Dine (in glasses) introducing group 'cheers' he learnt from BSC last December :)
Matin sharing his group 'cheer' in BSC 2008: "Superman man man Batmaaan" ... hehe. Cute! :)
Team work building was the main objective of the camp. It's obvious here right? :)
The 'Mixing-up Game'. The campers loved it! Thanks to Drama Course. Thanks to Louie! :)

The second day camp at Berakas Forest Reserve was even more fun. What counts, the facilitators enjoyed the Team Work Challenge that Isda and I prepared. The campers had fun solving problems and looking for clues, even sang to beat the challenge. It was awesome! Again, comments from Dine and Matin really made my day! Both commented, this camp was even much much more fun than the SBC and BSC they joined. Heeee *kambang* :P

I left early, just as the time ticked 3pm. Couldn't stay for the certificate giving ceremony. Before leaving, I took pictures with the campers. I bid goodbyes to them and of course the happy faces of now my ex-colleagues ... *sigh*

Centre: me and Isda. Thanks babe for your support. See you ... when I see you ;) *hugs*

My body was aching, the cost I got every time after camps so I went out for a body massage. Yep! It was my neck and shoulder and my masseuse fixed the bones! Now, I feel much better. Later I dined out with Sharul. Finally, we met after days of silence between us. As usual, we didn't talk about the matter that has troubled us. This is how we get strong together in many years: we never talk about the problems. We drop them!

My baby trying out the black/white cube. Rem, this cube is addictive!! I can't stop myself from trying to solve it everyday!! *fening lalat*

My Sunday was boring. I woke up late and did some marking. Gosh! I am in holiday mood guys! Couldn't finish 'em all!! I went out with my baby again to the money changers, which were closed! Then we had dinner at Capers (thanks to Danny!! He mentioned "Capers" in our long online chat yesterday afternoon, chis!!). I craved for BBQ Beef Penne, which I ordered TWICE and still felt hungry! I think my body was finally reacting to food after the heartbreaks I was (and "am") having the past few days.

Slllrrrp!! :P

Last night, I couldn't sleep. Well, maybe an hour or two. At around 1am, I couldn't force myself to sleep. So I took out Rem's black/white cube and tried to solve it (first in the dark then I got tempted and switched on the light). Right up to dawn, the cube was still unsolved. After Subuh prayer, I continued solving it though I was becoming drowsy. With the light's off, my eyes shut but my fingers slowly tried to move the cube here and there. And hey! I solved it, finally at 6.14 am!! Gosh! I had the deepest sleep soon after *phew*

FINALLY!! See the time on my phone?? I texted Rem right away and she congratulated me ahahaa :P Also, I texted Lulu, who's now in Korea. I don't care!! I SOLVED THE BLOODY CUBE!!! Weeeeeee!!!

PS: Ok, am off packing now. My flight to KL is later at 3pm and I only have ... 2 hours!! Happy hols peeps!! To Izz, see you soon sis! Hope to see you too Rohaiza :)

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