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Friday, 17 July 2009


I need to heal. Gotta make myself busy. To forget all the bad aura. To build my self esteem again. I need to. I've mourned for too long. Silence kills!

What works for me so far is reading. I am hooked on 'Eclipse' now, the third book of the 'Twilight Saga'. I got emotional over Edward's overprotective moves on Bella. But I love him when he seemed to grow up in the end. He reminds me of Sharul a lot. Sharul does, sometimes, get on my nerve. Making my day dark and blue. Making things worse. But in the end, he's still the one I'm missing. Love makes you crazy!

We went out watching 'Harry Potter' at The Empire last night. With us were Irman and his Temburong bunch of friends, Lulu and her bro, and Zahara; my colleague, and her bro too. Since we had to allow the Temburong friends to get to Bandar through Limbang after 4pm, we had to take the 11pm show. Poor Sharul. He was looking forward to watching it but since he'd had a long day at work, he snored half way through the movie. He left early and I went home with Lulu. Thank God he got home fine. He was really tired last night..

I'm gonna start reading 'Harry Potter' books as soon as I've finished the 'Twilight' series. How ironic it seems when I had never thought I'd choose sticking my nose on books to distract myself from all the shit my life is turning to at the moment. So far, reading works. I hope it will always be.

Or else I'll have to start thinking of something else to keep myself busy. Any suggestions? I'm dying to be happy again. I really am! *sigh*

PS: An ex colleague once said: "Happiness depends on how you see it. For me, I am happy because I choose to be happy. You can too Suzi.." - If only life can be that easy, I'd be more than happy to push my 'happy' button at this very minute!


Princess Gizmo said...

Be productive!!! Book binding class remember? ;) or you can start scrapping!!! With the giveaways ;) mau lepak2 & try to do it? Hehehe...

izz said...

wateva it is, plz don forget to smile yaa sis...hemmm....
(kalau ada word lain dr 'sabar', i dah guna tp that's the only word yg ada dlm sabar ya...)

Suzila A said...

bookbinding.. hmm.. good idea! scrapping sounds nice too! will do when i have the time left from sticking my nose in the books i am reading :)

izz ... :))))))) & that i AM really trying. thanks sis *hugs*

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