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Saturday, 28 February 2009

A Fabulous Ending Of A Great Beginning!

The Drama performance went well, perfectly well except for the technical problem - the music halted half way. You know, the usual curse on actual day thing! A nightmare rather! Luckily my kids managed to remain cool and sped up the steps presicely to the right beat of the back-up song :) I am so proud of them that I almost cried!!

The Guest of Honour was the Director of Co-Curriculum Education so the week of intensive training was extremely tiring coz anyone would think that every step made in the performance would be measured meticulously. Well, if it ever happened, I would still be proud of my kids :) They worked so hard on it and had tolerated my bad-tempered side :P

What I am forever touched with was when my MV students, who are notoriously known for their samseng-ness volunteered to join the group as the villains when they learnt that I was short of male casts. "We do this for you teacher!" was what they said to me when the first day of training ended last Tuesday.

Today, at the backstage, they freaked out hearing the roars from the male audience, who were also among those in their so called gang! In fact, my other MV students had been mocking the 'villains' for joining the stage performance. What did I do? I warned them of course!

"If ever Anuar and his friends did NOT turn up on Saturday, you will be in trouble Emy!"

Of course that didn't stop him right away. He responded saying how long he'd not been to the movie and having Anuar acting onstage with his other friends, it would be something he wouldn't miss! That remark made Anuar smiled sheepishly, well shyly actually. His face was clearly saying, "Why on earth did I join this Drama in the first place, damn it!!" Hehehe :P

The rehearsals even went well. The bad boys did come, even on Friday :) When I was not satisfied with their Silat moves, I sent them down the stage and demanded for their polished Silat steps. Anuar, realising my disappointment, said on behalf of the rest saying, "Don't worry teacher. We will make you proud!" Today, indeed they did! :)

The Director had a chat with each one of the casts after viewing the display boards at the back of the hall. He was happy with the performance and as he reached the girls, I overheard him ask them, "Who taught you to dance?" The girls pointed at me and said my name, "Teacher Suzi." He turned to face me and asked several questions.

Director: "Did you teach them the dance moves?"
Me: "Yes .." *cut me off before I could end my sentence* --> I wanted to say I 'copied' a few steps from the BSAC campers dance moves, though not all.
Director: "Did you join the recent Dance Course?"
Me: "No, I didn't .."
Director: "Oh why not?"
Me: "We didn't get any memo about it. If we were invited, I'd love to go .."
Director: "Hmm .. Alright. Noted!"
Me: "Erk!! Shoot!!!" <-- Well, didn't say this out loud!

It was really an honour learning that he loved and enjoyed the stage performance. He is not just a guest but he is THE Director of Co-Curriculum Education, a someone who believes that CCA and ECA help students to improve their academic achievements. Personally, it's an honour for me as today's show was the Drama Club's first project. He loved it, of course we're proud! :)

One thing for sure, now the Drama Club members have increased in number (some of the casts today were not originally members of the club). Malik, a shy boy among all, even requested, "Teacher, bring ME again in the next Drama ya!" The next I knew, more boys commented the same! Right then, they are now officially parts of the Drama Club family. Welcome aboard guys! :D


Behind the scene!

The hero: "Rama"

Caught in the act! ;)

The National Day oath ..

The Guest of Honour: Awang Arsad bin Haji Adis, Director of Co-Curriculum Education.

Good job Leng! ;)

Patriotic songs by the students. Merdekaaaaa!!


After the show!

Sita & Rama :)

Proud smiles :D

Yep! They love me! Hehe :P

The actors and actresses :)


An honourary moment with the Guest of Honour :)

Hee .. Yep! That's ME!! :D


Anuar and the gang back to the real world ;)

Putera, Anuar and Azri: The Notorious Trio! :P Thanks guys!!


Princess Gizmo said...

Congrats!!! Well you should teach me how to teach drama then ;)

Suzila A said...

Thanks dear :)

Aren't you involved in the Drama Course for Primary School teachers at the moment? I am voluteering coz I still need more practice & techniques in Drama too.

The Drama CCA should be done following scheme of work, which is by the way difficult for my colleagues to do erk!! Hopefully the course will help me doing so :)

Will sure share with you the tips in Drama. For the moment I am doing more on pantomime & face expressions. Dance & silat moves are just an extra something to the performance ;)

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