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Sunday, 5 July 2009

The HOT topic!

I was tagged in a note posted by Fred (in Facebook) entitled Demanding Further Extension of School Holidays taken from here. If you click the link, you'd see many views on this hot topic: some made me worried, and quite a few made me smirk and roll my eyes.

This is what I posted on Fred's note:

"There should not be show cases or concerts whatsoever since these would attract ignorant public (& teens). The increase of cases lately is due to close contacts, i.e. these public gatherings.

On the other hand, yes, life must go on. Exams are around the corner, especially students sitting for big exams. However, I think it is better to monitor small groups of students than having to monitor the whole population of the school. So, I think, exams should go on but students go home soon after exams finish. Those not of exam classes, should stay home, at least for another week since the H1N1 worsens these past 2 weeks.

I personally think that reopening of schools should be reconsidered. It's really worrying. I am not a parent but I understand what parents are feeling. My advice, don't send your children to schools yet. Schools may be reopened but I am sure schools will understand if your kids are absent at this phase.."

Enough said ..

And read this too. I agree to this person's writing .. And watch this ..

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