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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Abo's wedding pictures : )

The wedding day is the day when the bride and groom are made king and queen for a day. The couple wears royalty-like costume, usually clothing made of songket. While the groom is wearing a dastar with keris in his right hand, he bride wears a veil and a tiara on her head. She's also holding a bouquet of flowers.

28.6.2009 was the big day for our brother and wife: Saiful Rizal bin Ahmad and Diana Abdeenah binti Mail. The groom had his guests at our residence then left to Songket Ballroom at Rizqun Hotel where the bride was waiting. Our brother was wearing blue at home, then changed to white to match with the bride's glitterish white songket gown.

May the couple have a long-lasting marriage with additional versions of them both soon! :)

Here are the pictures snapped on that big day. Enjoy!! :)


Venue: Our residence
Time: 10:45 - 11:45 am

The souvenirs for the guests :)
The souvenirs committee members ;)
The groom ready for 'berziarah' ceremony in blue :)
Our dad leads the 'berziarah' ceremony, followed by the groom and our uncles :)
Meanwhile, our mom leads our aunts for the 'berziarah' ceremony :)
The groom getting ready for the 'bersanding' ceremony. Now, in white :)


~~~Bersanding ceremony~~~

Venue: Songket Ballroom, Rizqun Hotel
Time: 1:30pm - 2pm

The slide on the lobby of the hotel. The right picture chosen! :)
At Rizqun Hotel, outside Songket Ballroom, our uncle takes the groom for 7 rounds ritual before entering and meeting the bride :)
He whispered that he felt dizzy after the 7 circles lol!!
Waiting to see his wife and then 'bersanding' :)
On the aisle :) What a lovely couple!!


~~~Children at the wedding :)~~~

Haziq, our lil cuzzie :D
Baby, Yanti's niece :)
Our cousin's daughter, like a princess! :)
Zainul and Haziq
Baby Aiman, Yanti's nephew. Handsome boy!! :)
Heeee Ah Chong!!
The bride's flower girls. Aren't they cute!! :)


~~~Cousins in action ;)~~~


~~~The other couples at present ;)~~~

Bahri and Nora
Nurul and Ede
Yanti and Rahim
Me and Sharul *wink wink*
Me with Sharul's mom and sisters ;)
Us with the newly-wed :) *ambil berkat hehe*


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