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Monday, 15 February 2010

The angel sent

I was getting ready to Lulu's place just now and saw my precious Fluffy sleeping on my very pillow. She looked so adorable that I took a picture of her right away. Have a look!

She's eating a lot today. Amazing! Usually when she's here, she barely eats a thing. Or drinks. Thanks to Brunei Cats for sharing tips to giving the right water for cats i.e. bottled water if they refuse to drink (because cats have strong sense of smell. They won't drink if they smell chlorine in the water). This is what they shared in their wall two days ago. Have a read cat lovers! :)

This morning, Fluffy was so manja, even stood on her hind legs so she could kiss my nose when I was sitting down during my dawn prayer. And so later on I groomed her and washed her after she poo-pooed. She didn't like that so she was angry for a while. I tried to pujuk her but she ignored me haha! For a while there we were playing that you-ignore-me-so-i-ignore-you-back game. In the end, she came to me quietly and slept next to me. That was just the sweetest thing ever! She never failed from making my heart melt :')

Thank you God for sending her to me. And thank you so much for giving her more time being with me. Please don't let her fall sick again. Please...

PS: I took Fluffy along to Lulu's coz I needed to take her home to Sharul's. She behaved well, sitting on Lulu's couch sniffing the new environment :) We took a few pictures before leaving. My cousin, Azrin, and his friends were there too. We loved Lulu's mom's keropok!! Even Sharul did too :) Happy Chinese New Year again Lulu :)


amaryllis said...

see this is one of the reasons why i love animals ;-)) They just know how to make everything feels better again

Suzila A said...

very true. a friend, who is a cat lover once said to me: how did you survive without cats before?

she's got her point there. if it's not because of Prince Whiny and Fluffy, my life would still be hell now. they've made so much changes in me just because they can make me smile & laugh again :D

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