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Friday, 12 February 2010

The passing of January

2010 is so far, alhamdulillah. What I meant to say is, it's not a year of any resemblance to those I had back in the old workplace. It's however, becoming one, nearing to, as workloads are piling up, and time has almost never resided next to me. My day now starts as early as dawn and I've to stay at work til late almost every day. I chose to, to cope with the untouched piles of books to be checked and marked. The morning is filled up with craps from faces of nuisances in every period of the day: fights, bullies, cries .. It just doesn't seem to stop. And bringing work home is the last thing I wanna do. I want home to be the time to relax. Hence, this page is barely touched this month. When I get home, I rest. But today, it's different. Maybe coz now my angel Fluffy is sleeping next to me and her soft snoring makes my heart smile :) So I finally gets the urge to write today, after two weeks of the so-called relaxation at home hah!

Anyway, just an update, I will be in Jakarta on 23rd next month. Coming with me are my parents and my two lil brothers. The flight will be leaving at 1am, most probably reaching Jakarta 2 hours after that. By then, we'll be taking a ride straight to Bandung. Am not sure how long it will take. I am tagging along with Louie and her cousin. Since she knows the place well, I guess it's better that I follow her. I heard buying stuff for a wedding is quite cheap there and the quality is just not bad at all. So I said, why not! Fatima and her husband will be coming along too so the trip would be a big group of us. I pray it will be fruitful, aamiinn... And I DO hope Sharul can join us too. He's asking for leave at the moment. I hope he gets it. It would be much better having him around. It's our wedding anyway. He deserves to know and choose the right items for it as much as I do :) On counting, we have less than 10 months for our big day :) Hope it goes well aaamiiinnn.... :) We'll be back to Brunei on 28th.

The past weeks Fluffy has been staying overnight at my place, in the weekends only though. She's getting used to the room now but not the house. She's going all frenzy finding places or corners to hide in when I take her out of my room. She must find the house similar to Sharul's coz our house structures are quite the same. What might have confused her would be the furniture and the smell of the house. Poor thing. Now she's napping on my thick blanket. She'd love me cove her up. I think she finds my room cool now that I just fixed the air con. It cost me a bloody $80 billl! Sharul thought that it was a fraud! What do I know huh pffttt!!

So, the first week Fluffy was here, you believe, we lost her!! I thought she'd left the house coz I didn't realise one of the windows was open. Azri and I went around the kampong by car hoping to see her trotting along the street but there was no sign of her. We called her out in and outside the house but with no avail. I had to leave then coz I needed to settle the tickets to Jakarta so I told my brothers to keep looking for her. Hours passed by, I was stuck at the airport and there I was worried of the missing Fluffy coz my brothers texted that they couldn't find her still. It was 5pm by then. She had been gone for 8 hours. Sharul was all fiery learning that :(

By the time I bought the tickets, we rushed home. Nadia, his sister, was with us. She helped me look for Fluffy too. An hour passed, there was still no sign of her. Then I remember Snow Shoe mentioning that finding a cat with a torch would help a lot. So I told Sharul to buy one. Though hopeless - he thought Fluffy had really gone - he went to buy one anyway. Once it's in my hand, in less than 5 minutes, I found her!! She was sleeping right behind my dad's stuff, near his home gym, the exact same place where we looked for her many times! I can't believe she sat there quietly without food and water, ignoring us calling her, for 11 straight hours! I swear, I thought we had really lost her! The next day, we bought her that neck belt with bells. TWO bells! Now, she can't hide no more! LOL!! That was quite an experience! We cried losing her! Nadia was even thinking of skipping school coz of the overwhelming sadness of losing Fluffy. She is one coward cat!! Marah pun tak guna! Chehh!!

Taken this morning at the kitchen: Fluffy eyeing the door, ready to jump off and run away from the unfamiliar kitchen. Look at her frightened eyes .. *sigh* Sooo penakut!!
Taken a few minutes ago: Fluffy sleeping on her pillow, covered with blanket. She looks like a baby sleeping, except that deafening snoring of course hehe :P

Last night, Sharul and I went to watch Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. We loved it! And I think literature students would love it too. The director is the one directing the Harry Potter movies so you can tell how good the picture effects and stuff are. We watched 14 Blades too. Now that was also an awesome movie! We loved the hero, the one who acted as Bruce Lee's master before ... can't remember the name of that movie now. He was the 14 Blades warrior. And he was awesome! We loved the robber in the movie too. Little that we know that he was that Bruneian Wu Chun guy (did I spell his name right??).

I've heard of him but friends been saying how his acting was soft and girlish so I tend to avoid not wasting my money watching him in movies, nor buying his drama series DVDs. But in this movie, he was ... WOW!! His acting was fine, and that was the first time I saw him act. The next night, at The Mall, I thought I saw him going down. He was in front of us but I wasn't so sure. When he turned around, I nudged Sharul and yes! It WAS Wu Chun!! Too bad he was rushing to the parking lot or else, I would've stopped him for a photograph :) I quote Sharul said:

"Kalau tau awal tadi, bawa ya begambar!!"

LOL! See! And this is coming from someone who doesn't like Brunei talents! So yes, now I admit, Wu Chun is one big talent that I've seen. I am sorry for listening to those voices before or I would've been a big fan ever since!

So what else ... There's too much to share that I lost track ... Oh, two more big assignments to do. One I can still turn down ... now in the process on "creating" excuses to able me to say "NO", another is a must do unfortunately. But at least, it's something I enjoy doing. It's another leadership camp yeayy!! The paperwork is on the way. By next week, the meeting will be held discussing on activities to be included in the camp. I've got a few, now waiting for the committee members to come up with more. The camp will be held next month. Let's hope it doesn't clash with my trip to Jakarta ya .. Yikes!

PS: My sis and I went to the UK Education Fair some time last week. I'm sure she'll get a place in York Uni. I wouldn't so I don't think I'll apply there. I talked with this girl at the SOAS Uni booth. She was so friendly that made me wanting to go to SOAS hehe :P What's more, SOAS is offering MA in Linguistics and its course content is very much similar to my proposal paper. That could be a sign isn't it ;) Another uni that I am applying to to Aberdeen Uni (thanks to Aiza for her help *hugs*). It's offering Sociolinguistics. The thing is, in my scholarship application form, I put in MA in Sociolinguistics, but the proposal that I am doing is very much different from the course itself ... So I am hoping to get to SOAS Uni instead. At least, the course content will be related much to the research studies taht I am proposing. IF I get the scholarship, I DO hope that I could change the course ... Or if it can't be done, then I will have to come up with another proposal ... I know Allah will give me the best answer. Whatever it may be, Alhamdulillah ya Allah :)

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