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Monday, 22 February 2010

The Khan story

"My name is Khan. And I'm not a terrorist."

Such short message but it shook the world. At least in that movie. The cinema was full again tonight. Luckily we bought the first two tickets last night or else we wouldn't be able to watch it just now. Many words could describe the movie. No words but good ones. Like that one scene when Khan was taught by his mom when he was little: "Only two things that make human different. The good ones and the bad ones. No other difference." You'll understand this message when you watch this movie.

What I like most about the movie is, it conveys what I have always had in mind about Muslim terrorists. Such disgrace because nothing in our Holy Quran ever mentions about killing innocence as good deed. Not at all. And this movie does represent this well and how such group who called themselves Muslims and proud of their so called "jihad" gives a bad image of us Muslims to the world when we as a whole have never had anything .. anything to do with their acts. May Allah show them the light to the right path. After all, they are still our brothers and sisters in Islam. Aaamiiinn...

Sure I cried watching the movie and I'm not ashamed of that. There's so much truth in the "Khan Story" that we Muslims can't or fail to say to the world. We care less about what's going on out there, those acts by our brothers and sisters of Islam. What we care a lot more is to live in peace and harmony, deciding on going on with our own lives. Why do we do this? Because we are afraid of the world's perceptions on us. This movie shows some views that would change the history of humanity. Trust. Faith. Belief. Peace. These, among others, if we have these, insyaAllah, Muslims will not be seen as terrorists as a whole. Why? If everybody has trust in Islam, how it works, and how it shall be obeyed, if faith remains and belief unchanged, surely peace will always exists. Not only among the Muslim societies, but everybody. Everybody around the globe.

Another scene presented in the movie was when this practitioner was trying to brainwash his Muslim brothers towards the so-called "jihad". Khan, who was there at the gathering in the mosque argued to this man's words, which he called the "satanic" words. He was using Ibrahim a.s.'s story of sacrificing his son, Ismail a.s., following the will by Allah s.w.t. He used this as a weapon to open the eyes of the Muslim men in the group, making them "see" that Allah demands killings for "jihad", although it would involve the killing of Ibrahim's own son.

Khan rejected this by saying that Ibrahim was loyal to Allah's words despite the words by a stranger of disobeying the will. How could a father kill his own son? The stranger would say. But Ibrahim did not listen to this stranger because he had faith in Allah. He trusted Allah. He believed that Allah would not let the blood of his own son flow from that sacrifice. He kept his faith at heart and he passed such test. Alhamdulillah for him for not listening to that stranger.

Who was that stranger, the Muslim men in the group asked. Khan answered: satan. Indeed. And with that, I agree. I always do. Now, who are those terrorists now? We know the answer.

And yes. My name is Suzila. And I'm not a terrorist.

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