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Thursday, 18 February 2010

The unexplained??

It's funny, ridiculously funny, when someone just can't understand what the word "commitment" means just because it does not exist in their personal diary.

Can't they understand that we have our own life to deal with? Can't they give us space by acting like grown ups? Or just quit being childish? I mean, hello! I am NOT obliged to just follow what they say all the time. I have other things to care a lot more than being somewhere I perceive as less important. I am glad others understand but it's just upsetting when "someone" doesn't. Come on la! Grow up!!

Now let me make it clearer here. I am now committed to Sharul, who is now my fiance. Everyone knows that. YOU know it too. He is going to be my husband, and I will be his wife. I have 10 more months to actually practice myself to be "the wife" and by then, InsyaAllah, I will be the one he's wished for as his wife. With very limited time that we have in a week, I would expect everybody to understand that my weekends are UNAVAILABLE other than for families and him. The rest of the days, I can be booked by those I call friends.

But if you, my friend, can NOT see the time I am NOT free for you, then I suggest you get those glasses on and try to read this page again, and again, and again, till you get it. If it still does not make sense to you still, well, you are most welcome to take off from my friendship list now.

The choice is left to you. Like it or not, I have my reasons. You can't see it well, then, we shall bid farewell.


Anonymous said...

True friends will always understand and respect your decisions. enough said.

This is the thing some people don't understand about commitment: Sacrifices have to be made. At least you're trying to balance out everything so it's their problem if they don't understand.

sarashah said...

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Suzila A said...

aiza, ya lah kan.. some people just don't understand. if only we can change people's attitude then i will make them understand me. but who am i to do that? i can understand them but they can't.. pathetic lah sometimes babe!

Suzila A said...

sarashah, hi! welcome to my humble page. yep! that's what this blog of mine is about: sharing what i think should. glad it helps :)

will drop by your page soon. thanks for the tips! :)

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