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Sunday, 14 February 2010

The uncertainty II

In that dark corner of the room, she cried her heart out. Her heart beats seemed rhythmically slow as she let those tears flow down her cheeks. She held the key tight in her right palm and uncertain of what to do next. To confess, or to let it pass.

For a minute, she let the images of that afternoon's scene playing in her head. That unexpected gentle kiss and that warming need of her affection. She let herself drown in his arms; the man she was not supposed to be with. Tears of guilt rained through her heart. Now in that room, she waited and waited. To confess, or to let it pass? She had not decided that.

The sound of the door open skipped her heart a beat. At that very corner, she stood still in the dark, unwanting to make a sound. She frowned. She sensed another presence.

He was not alone.

Giggles followed the two figures wrapping each other entering the room. She stood silently, squinting her eyes, trying to see the moving images in the gleam.


She was in his arms, him holding her tight in his chest. Those giggles continued, unconscious of another breathing presence in the room. The figures headed to the room on the left and silence crept in when a gentle thud of the door was heard.

It all happened in a split second. She froze. Then she urged her shaking steps towards the door. She stood for a second, there, where the two had just gone into, uncertain of what to do next.

She was lost. She felt empty.

Gone now the guilt that she once felt and with a swift gesture, she shed her tears away. She held the key tight for one last time and put it down on the dining table.

With a free heart, she unlocked the exit door and left the house of the man she once loved.

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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