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Sunday, 21 February 2010

The cont...

The hunting started at 11am. We picked up Sharul's mum and Nadia, then we went to Batu Bersurat to check on the wedding packages at two separate bridal shops, Nurul and Ede awaited there. Nothing compared to the packages provided at The Mall, yet we loved the designs of some of the bridal costumes at the second shop we went to, though the price was just phewww!! Then again, it's the same problem that we had there: no size for us both huhu~~ We seriously need to slim down! Now we only have the tailors to blame: Why can't they just make bigger sizes?? WHY? WHY? WHY?? And so, the hunting continued.

Back at The Mall, I started to feel low: Sharul's mom didn't like any of the costumes we selected yesterday :( I quote: Too many pop-up flowers!! Sharul, with his one ear swollen, was able to keep away from the hassles: he was half deaf! So in the end, off we went to another bridal store. This time at Ong Sum Ping. Both our mums loved this particular bride-groom costumes in dark maroon. Sharul tried it on and it was a bit small for him, though the tailor said the bride's one could be altered to fit me. The groom's looked familiar. It was indeed worn by my brother on his Berbedak ceremony!! Small world. Checking on the package price, it was way more expensive than the last three we visited. And so, we left to another one in Bandar. Before that, we had lunch at Sumbangsih in Beribi, with the nuisance sound of the stage karaoke singers! What a day!!
I had myself measured while mom was browsing through the wedding packages.
DF trying on one of the outfit, his mom looking over.

After 3pm, we were in Bandar. There were two bridal stores. The first one had Nurul trying on a nikah set. The mums loved it. But still there was no suitable size and colours for me nor Sharul booo!! The next door shop had us stayed for almost three hours though. There were more choices, neater designs and the packages were not bad at all. I must say, the ones done by the tailor in Batu Bersurat were much better but budget wise, me and Sharul thought, it's way cheaper than the rest of the brial stores we went to today. What's more, they had our sizes yeayy!! I also got to design my own wedding dress with only an addition of $200!! The other stores required us to pay $300-$400. What's more, the mums loved the colours and designs I chose (Sharul was at the corner playing his iphone games. Having an ear blocked, it didn't really help him to pay attention. Poor thing!).
Hehe :D Him trying on the dastar.
I gotta admit he looked great in maroon ^_^
Nurul trying on one of the bajus :)
Filling up the form, finally!!

So, finally we agreed to settle on that last shop. Before we left, then we realised that the owner of the shop was my aunt's sister-in-law!! That's a good sign isn't it! :) It means, we can get more discount!! Woohooo!! :D We dropped off mum and Nadia, then my mum before we went to a night movie. We wanted to watch "My Name is Khan" starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. Puchen, my brother, had watched it and he said it was an awesome movie. But the seats were full that only the first and second rows were free. We decided to go watch it tomorrow night and watched "Wolfman" tonight instead. We watched it with Nurul and Ede. It's not a bad movie at all, though the ending sucks! I hate sad endings..

Though the journey to our big day today was almost reaching its full status of D-O-N-E, I still got a lump in my heart for not gonna wear that stunning wedding dress in Batu Bersurat :( I hope the one I am gonna make for my own will resemble its beauty.

Or if it doesn't, then I will have to take more of my pennies out to make another, which will cost me a wholesome of $900 .. *sigh*

PS: Happy birthday Danny! Hope you had a great day today buddy :)

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