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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The special something for the cats : )

So DF and I went to buy some dry food for the cats but we couldn't find Royal Canin at the place we usually buy it. Out of stock they said. Guess what we bought instead! Heeee :D a CAT HOUSE!! Yeayy!! We've been meaning to buy one for the felines but the price was always like $300 and above. But at this particular shop at Serusup, we got a really good bargain since it's the last set left. From $230, we could purchase it at the price of $160!! And so, we bought it right away! :D

The first to try out was Tiger. No surprise coz he's the most adventurous of the four. Prince Whiny has had his spot on the second level while Fluffy books the quare-shaped house. She loves it that she slept in seconds after we put her in it :D Luna loves the scratching walls but both her and Tiger enjoy the swinging ball :D My camera was out of battery that I could only take a few shots of their first try outs using my phone. We're so glad that we finally bought one for the cats. It's a very nice feeling doing so :)

I left before Sharul's parents came home. I guess, his mom would be growling tonight whoops!! But his dad's gonna go woohooo with it hehheh! He was wanting to buy one for them as well anyway but due to the expensive price, he had been waiting for it to get cheaper.

I wonder if the cats are playing with their new toy now :D It's so amazing seeing those cats running up and down the cat house. A special something at such great bargain :D

Prince Whiny at the very top, observing the younger ones "sakai" over the new comfy house hehehe :DFluffy in the square-shaped house, dozing off ignoring the outside scratching and exploring by Tiger and Luna. She seems loving the spot so much. We hope she won't be hiding in dark corners quietly no more from now on :)
Tiger and Luna trying to figure out how to ... erm .. jump off! :D
Tiger joining Fluffy in the small house, which Fluffy doesn't mind at all. And Luna is wondering where has he gone to hehehehe :D
Yep! Prince Whiny stays up there for quite some time. Shall we call him KING Whiny now? :P


Anonymous said...

Korang bagi kucing2 ni mkn apa did they get big so fast one???? lol The last time i saw luna's photo...she was tiny

Suzila A said...

hehehe all they do is eat play sleep all in that order every day tu la cepat besar :D they eat royal canin dry food and briscat wet food. also, we feed them with lots and lots of love!! :D

yes. luna is growing fast huh! so does tiger :)

Lulu said...

interesting.. i've nvr seen anything like this hehe

Suzila A said...

Lu, i don't know what it's called actually but me and sharul called it the cat house. others called it cat condo or cat tree :)

you know what! since we bought this cat house, it's been so sunyi now coz the cats love it so much that they hang out there most of the time and erm.. sleep!! hehehe :D

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