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Sunday, 29 August 2010

The alerts

The thing with Ramadhan is when every family is giving out invitations to tahlil and doa arwah for the those who had passed on. My aunt had one last Friday. I didn't go coz I hadn't had my iftar at the fiance's for a week then so I decided to go to his place instead. Then you know with the family gathering and such. Stories came up here and there. Luckily, it's Ramadhan so gossips were exceptional hehe :p

When I got home, mom was telling what Aunt Hjh Isah (my aunt's - who is my mom's sister - sister-in-law) was asking when me and Sharul would be going to her boutique to have our nikah's and wedding reception's outfits measured. She even told mom that couples marrying in December had had their outfits done way before ours. So since then, my brain has gone nuts at trying to figure out how we want ours would be like. I mean, I've bought the Pengantin magazines since June (I think) but I haven't sighted the right styles and fashions that really caught my eyes. But I do decide that I will be wearing hijab at all occasions. Sharul prefers me to anyway and so....

Then comes the caterings for our wedding events. Mom is insisting on Sharul to cater another aunt's service (which provides free packets of biscuits for all guests). His mom wants to see the dishes yet the aunt still hasn't given us the lists and price. I will be getting her service too. I don't have much choice now that mom has made her decision. In fact, I am thankful coz what's left now is me paying the aunt the service, without even have to think of what dishes I would want to serve to the guests, since mom has officially volunteered to look through and decide on them menus.

Now the souvenirs and wedding invitation cards.. We've sent the deposits to Jejen so he could pay up the companies that are making our wedding gifts and invitation cards. It costs us B$500, equivalent to about Rp3juta. I texted him but he said he was in Jakarta, yet to go back to Bandung. I hope the money gets to the right bank account or I would be scratching my head at trying to get extra cash for those deposits! I hope to hear from him soon.....

At Miri yesterday with Sharul, we went to Imperial and Parkson and he helped me look for pairs of shoes for Raya. I ended up buying only a pair. At Parkson, he chose a pair of Bonia shoes, which he found pretty nice and well designed. We also looked at some men's. So, we decided to come down to Miri again next month to buy those last few items for our hantaran. Mom will be joining. I bought two samples of gift bags for my Berbedak Ceremony. Remember when I wrote about her continuing worry over my gifts for the guests? The one she keeps on adding on? Well, I found two bigger gift bags and she likes one of them (I prefer the other one though but then again, I don't have much say *sigh*). I hope we'll get discounts when she's coming next time coz she's really good at bargaining eheeeh ;p

I've Googled on "Malay wedding gowns" but still haven't found what I wanted. I guess I'll continue tomorrow... Now, time to bed... I hope I'll dream of a nice wedding gown. Two nights ago I dreamed of a beautiful wedding bouquet of lilies and red roses :D I guess mine will look like that on my wedding day and night receptions heeee :D

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