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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The backfire!

I drove back to one sole theraphy I have now: the cats! At DF's, who is now still working, the cats are caged LoL! They must have annoyed babah for some reasons hehe. But Fluffy was there at the door welcoming me. One look at her made me go smiling all the way. Yes, I am in love with this Queen! Whiny is still sleeping now at the cats tree house. The aircon is doing so good at making them quiet now. And the cage LoL!

After Zuhur, I sat down, Fluffy on my lap and I took the phone. I started texting coz I refused to let the pain stay for good this time.

So, reading back the text, it read:

"XXX, come to think of it, damn jua lah aku damam dulu tu but what to do, I did try my best to show up though I was seriously sick. Too bad all that were overlooked. Good for you still being recognised when I have been forgotten. It hurts being treated like shit cematu but who am I to make them see the truth. This year's project pun I can't involve, atu pun if diorang ingat aku jua ah huhu.. Damn it! I hate remembering all these. Thanks to you for bringing it up! What's worse, I can't help my self from thinking, IF I wasn't sick, would I be at least at a higher rank than I am at now? Or better yet, be like an ass kisser like you? Hmm... Toink!"

He did reply. "Forget the past", he said. He thinks I have the potential of becoming a leader (which I personally don't really agree to coz I know my limits and that there are still LOTS to learn). He said, the concerns only "see" mistakes and "forget" the deeds I had done for the whole thing so no point looking back. Well dude, you MADE me remember, remember! Bleurghh!! :$

He ended texting:

"It would be great if you are in my team!! I really want eh! If dapat high rank, definitely I will never forget you..."

For the record, I didn't ask for recognition from him if he ever made it to the top. He made the promises to get me, and our so called "team" to be in his one office. "We would make a strong team", he once said. I'd say, him stating it dreamily LoL! Crazy guy!

He fired me today, I fired him back! Good job Suzi! :D

Now, where's my Queen??? :)

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