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Sunday, 1 August 2010

The painkillers?

Yesterday's presentations went ok but I didn't contribute much in the afternoon one as my coughing had gone worse by then: I coughed every time I opened my mouth so we decided that I'd be excused. Thanks to the girls who were so thoughtful. They even found me a bottle of water to ease my trouble with breathing. At times, I'd sneak out to the restroom to take 2 puffs of the inhaler, which could relieve my suffocation for an hour at most. After break time, I vomited the food I had just eaten. I guess my body is reacting to whatever I've taken in, how ever it would help, or not. By 4ish, I had gone feverish.

DF took me to Bridex after a quick meeting with a friend, Joanne, at Twelv in Qlap. It was a cold evening that I had started shivering. We made it quick: an hour and a half and DF bought a special cutter (for $10, to complete his next mission of building an aquarium for his ever growing fish collections), and a slimming balm. It's supposed to flatten his bulging tummy in 14 days LoL! We'll see if it works to him or not hehehe :p

After Bridex, we spent another an hour and a half with my friends at Bombay Palace in Batu Bersurat. Our dinner was quick coz I really had to go. I was feverish still and my coughing had gone much worse. I was struggling to gasp as much air as possible through chats. It was Ain's request for a meet up before her delivery next week. Unfortunately, only me, Lulu, Leng and Johnny could make it.Baby Alyssa was so friendly compared to the last time we met her. I had to hold my self from hugging her, afraid that I'd infect her with my cold and cough. She waved and flew a kiss when me and DF left. Cute kid!

At home, I embraced my self with wet towels, hoping that my fever would finally fall. I purposely didn't want to see the doctor coz if I did, I'd be given an MC. I am avoiding that coz one, I have another afternoon course tomorrow, which is compulsary for me to attend; and two, I had gone for a week and an addition of a day or two off would give me a bad image. Besides, I had had 3 days MCs altogether this year. Being labeled as "chipsmore" by the admin people is the last thing I wish for.

I woke up at around 3am last night. My fever had gone low and my coughing had been better. Thanks to colleagues' recommendation to try Hurix's Gamat Cough Syrup. It works miracle to me. I could also use lesser puffs of the inhaler. I didn't want to overuse it. And I could feel lighter at the back of my neck (I was seeing stars yesterday at the workshop, indicating that I had a high bp) with Fluffy as my company for the night. She was so attached to me when at the same time tried to let herself free from the damped towels and t-shirt that I was wearing. She never failed from making me feel stress-free.

Today, with no fever but a chill, I had a body massage. The aching muscles were treated thank God coz the pain was burning into my bones all night. By midday, we were off to The Mall to watch "Salt", which we enjoyed. Angie is always a hottie! Coz of the cold temperature in the cinema (I was wearing a thick jacket but it was my waist down that was chilling badly), I have been suffering from muscle aches again, especially at the thighs and knees. On the way home, after dropping off stuff to my brother's house at Bunut, I vomited the lunch that I had had today. Luckily I have always had plastic bags a.k.a my cheap rubbish bin in the car or else the image will be ugly.

Now, I just woke up from a quick evening nap. My legs are killing me! The aches seem to be attacking my bones :( DF is on his way buying me Tokusen the muscle patch. I hope it would heal the pain for good..

With all the sufferings that I am having, DF concluded that it could be the impact of me being in unfamiliar places: at my uncle's whom we rarely visit except during eid, and the Lawas trip last Friday. But I was insisting on saying that I might have had food poisoning coz I have the symptoms so clearly. One, the countless vomits and visits to the loo to pee and pass motion; two, the high fever; and three, the muscle pain. I have tried almost everything and so far, only the coughing syrup has shown its miracle.

I guess it leaves me with paracetamol, the tablets I so much try not to take. I hope I will do better by tomorrow coz it will be a long day at work :(((

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