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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The last raw!

I am off the wedding preparations now. He has made me feel like I am the one, the ONLY one doing everything for the wedding. And I hate that! I want him to play a part too. A small part would be greatly appreciated! But nooooooooooooooo! He doesn't!!!

We had a fight last night and he ended up being super quiet. I even nagged asking him to say something but did he reply?? No he didn't! He kept looking at front and driving, like I didn't even exist!!

So that's it! I'm gonna stop from preparing, or even thinking of the wedding from now on until HE changes and gets his ass off doing some helping with the wedding!!

Oh, what wedding??

*copied-pasted from google image*

PS: THIS is still occupying him! Baik tah kawin sama ikan kali!!!


Anonymous said...

hang in there suzi. most men are not interested in wedding preparations. at least you dont have to go through what im going through now which is more menyakitkan hati sampai i pun dah malas nak excited abt wedding preparations. nak/xnak layan je all this. thanks to his parents!!!!

Suzila A said...

aiza, he knows me well enough to ignore the one thing i ask him to do. he doesn't care kan, so now, tengok la. i pun boleh tak kesah. malas la nak kawin kalau macam ni pfftt!!

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