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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The truth always hurts

Today, just now, I felt like I was slapped in the face. With hollow laughter, I listened to that one thing that had haunted me the past years but with a blunt comment from a someone so close, the impact I get is like BAM!! A big ouch on my side personally.

I knew that if I wasn't sick 2 years ago, I could / might be a somebody today. "Would have been a high rank" he said. Am I to blame when I was dying of my sickness at that time? Am I so unfortunate for being unable to be there at the peak of the project? What power did I else have than trying my best, though at my limit, to be there to at least show up?

Saying the truth to my face did catch me on alert. Now the regret is raining over me, again. I have lost a lot it seems now.

Thank you friend for pointing out the past. Thank you friend for stating the truth. Thank you for bringing it up when I had tried so much in me to forget the so called "mistake" that I made.

Thank you so much.

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