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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The good news

My alarm clock wasn't working today but luckily Danny texted me. It was 6:45am and I was like, WHAT! I read his text and then off to shower. It took me a while replying his message. It was good news and of course I was happy. He's just been promoted as a Deputy Principal at his school and as his best friend, I am super happy for him. I admit I have a clinch of envy in me. I mean, who wouldn't want to be promoted right.. Well, congrats buddy! I am proud of you :')

I didn't manage to go get the Kursus Kahwin form yesterday. I had forgotten that I had to attend a sharing session in Gadong. I was hungry coz I didn't get the time to have a bite at lunch time: I had to update the boss on cases that me and my members handled yesterday morning. Complicated ones, which left one of my men in a dilemma. This is what happened when one did NOT listen. Well, anyway, the sharing session was awesome (despite me in empty stomach and having migraine - the condition I always end up in when I am hungry). I learnt dozens of ways at teaching my SAP level reading. Then again, it would involve money and so.... well, I will find ways!

I am off to another meeting in an hour. It's the follow up meeting of last week's course. My group and I will have to share what we've got from the course and present in front of teachers in the area that we will be assigned in. I had fun with The Heroes last time. I am sure I will have a blast this time too :D It will be tiring no doubt but it is the sharing part that I always enjoy. I hate keeping things for my self, especially ones that are beneficial to the rest.

Last week, as I was done marking their test papers, more than half of my classes failed the test. I wasn't angry. Rather, I asked my self, what have I done wrong? I have spent much of my energy out to try reach and teach my kids. Whatever I learnt in courses I attended, I would try use them as much as I could with the aim to help them pass the tests and exams. And so I told each and every one of the students to write whatever they think of the paper, the questions, and even me as their teacher. I told them to write anonymously to enable them to express what they've wanted to say to me in the paper, even to curse me as they wish to do. If they think it's my way of teaching that's resulted to them failing, they should say so in the paper. I gave them 10 minutes to do so.

The results?

ALL of them blamed themselves for failing!

ALL wrote down that I am their best teacher, that they understood what I had been teaching them.

They failed because they didn't understand the passage.

They blamed themselves for not knowing much vocabularies.

I couldn't believe what I read! What does that leave me?

And so recently, I lent my teen's years story books (and my sister's) to my students. They're old but still in good conditions (my sister and I only read the books once then left them in our home shelves to rot!). Since our school is new and is short of books in the library, it's hard for me to build interest in my students to love reading. So I had a browse through our home library, checking our books out (those that are suitable of course) and lent them all to the kids. Today, I asked them what they think of the books they've borrowed. They answered, "They're fun teacher!" :) As I left the room, a student came after me, with an R.L. Stine's in her hand, asking me the meaning of the word "suffocate". I find this amazing! I mean, my students read!! :'D

I've got to go. All good now. I hope it will always be.

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