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Friday, 30 July 2010

The allergy?

I just got home an hour ago after a long trip to Lawas. We visited SMK Merapok. The journey by boat was the usual, me being excited and all, especially with the cool fresh breeze in the morning. We left the jetty as early as 6.20am. A bus awaited at Bangar jetty, which is brand new. It was not open when we were in Temburong last December. Well improvement there I must say :)

Then the trip was spoiled when the veterans bought the strong scented durians sold just outside the jetty. I was like, WTH! So the 8 hours trip, to and from Lawas was accompanied by the unfavoured smell. What's worse, after the visit at the school, more durians boarded the vehicle, giving even stronger scent. Two teachers suffered from migraine today because of it and me, I had asthma attack. The smell was so strong that it gave me such impact. I was cursing silently seeing dozens of the fruit being carried to the bus.

By 4.30pm, we reached Bangar. My plan to catch the boat ride back alone to Bandar failed: the jetty closed soon as we were there. So, I had no choice but to spend another 3 suffocating hours on the bus back to Kuala Lurah. I was in hell! This is what happened when an extra 30 minute duration was spent on shopping at the market at Lawas!! I was soooo angry!!

Thank God Sharul was on time picking me up in Bandar. With the cold rainy weather, my condition would have gone worse. He took me to a restaurant for me to have some hot soup. Obviously I was shivering with fever. When I got home, mom even directed me to go to the hospital. But I need to be in bed soon. One, I am very tired, and two, if I agreed to, I am sure I would be given an MC. I can't do that because I need to be present at tomorrow's course presentation. I hope I will be fine tomorrow. The course is from 7am til 4pm..

I better hit my bed now. Wish me luck peeps! Let's hope that I don't dream of sea of durians tonight. Now I know I am allergic to it :(((

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