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Sunday, 10 October 2010

The one with the forms and the dates

Alhamdulillah, I finally managed to fill in the forms - the one with the permission to get married; something somewhat compulsory so we could sign up for the Nikah/Kahwin Course.

Sunday today was a productive day. DF and I went to the bridal boutique as early as 10ish in the morning - only to unfortunately find out that it was close :( But we've made our appointment and next Sunday, we will definitely make our time to cut our Nikah and Bersanding costumes :)
DF having his brunch before checking out the bridal boutique: I cooked the fried noodles. It always feels good every time he compliments my cookings *blush* ;)

Since plan A was canceled, we made our move to the Times Square to drop by the wedding packages and photography carnival. Today was the last day. When we got there, we saw couples in wedding gowns and suits. I guess they were models. It was a beautiful sight :) Then DF got interested in this booth showing photography packages. See below for details:Coz we didn't bring enough cash, we didn't make any deposit despite our interest to actually take this photography company to do our post-wedding shots. We thought that it would be very nice to have the sessions in Taiwan, and so we could have our honeymoon there too, before actually heading to Bandung :) For now, Taiwan sounds one very tempting idea! We'll see to that! ;p

At 3ish, Sharul dropped me off at Rem's coz we had to do some brainstorming about our Master's proposal. Zir joined us an hour later and alhamdulillah, the five-hour session was indeed fruitful :) We'll do our research in one of the local unis here this Tuesday. InsyaAllah, all will go on as planned. Please make it easy for us ya Allah :)

After the rather quick session, we dropped by Bungsu Hamdani's place to complete the form as witness 1. After sending Sharul home, I tried my luck at Amit Aini's place, who seemed to be wide awake as he was filling in his appraisal form too :D So now, it's left with dad's I.C. copies and the head village's letter to confirm that I am a resident in this very village. Dad will do these two tomorrow.
Finally filling in the forms: mom and dad's sijil nikah was misplaced but alhamdulillah, now I could do the forms after it was found :')
My uncles as the witnesses :)

Oh before I log out, today was supposed to be our wedding but as I said in the previous entry, it's our neighbour's date of Bersanding too so to avoid traffic (coz our parking space here is super duper limited), mom decided that we should give in the date. Congratulations to the neighbour. I am happy for them :)

Speaking of the limited parking space, I drove mom to the Fire and Rescue Department Multipurpose Hall yesterday after work. The intention was to book the place for my sister's (Nurul) Bersanding Ceremony in March next year. When she returned, mom was excitedly telling me that 23rd January 2011 is STILL available for booking - 9th January 2011 was already taken. Instead of agreeing, I drove us to the next door's Dewan Muhibbah, only to sadly find out that the date I wanted was also unavailable.

So mom called DF's mom about the change of our wedding date. The next thing we knew, we were back to the Fire and Rescue Department Multipurpose Hall, and booked the very date! But it was during the officer writing down our booking that I "copied" the name of the guy who had booked the hall on 9th January 2011, and of course, his number too (erk!). I made mom to call him soon later and he said that, he hadn't discussed with his parents about using the hall for his wedding. Mom was super excited. And me too! :p

But I don't want to start dreaming of decorating the hall just yet. Or thinking of the change of our Bersanding date. But I have to admit, I am excited too! :p Mom even called me about renting carpets and flower stands and extra dais this afternoon (in the middle of discussing which uni I should apply to with the girls). Rem and Zir both thought that mom was cute. Which she is :D

I hope the guy would cancel his booking on the 9th. It would help us a lot, especially with the limited parking space, the hot weather (there's air con at the hall), and of course, having our big day there, I would definitely make my mom super happy :)

I believe everyone will be right.. Yeah well. Even IF he did not give me the date, then I will have to postpone our wedding date to 23rd, which Sharul does not mind at all. He knows the parking space issue always gives me the headache.

And when I nagged about wanting the 9th as our Bersanding date (coz the number "9" symbolizes our 9th year anniversary), mom shrugged her shoulders and said, "You can always have your nikah on that day."

So, there you go! The latest update of our wedding.... *fening lalatz* :p

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