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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The 20.10.2010

If it was Sunday, this very date would be famously taken for weddings, like last week's 10.10.10. Tok Khadi pun sibuk lusir sana, lusir sini menikahkan orang lol! Even now mom is counting the ticking of time hoping to hold our first nephew tonight. I think it's us. We love doing even the littlest detail such as symbolic dates for big occasions. Alhamdulillah, me and DF have had ours :)

This morning I asked DF if we would have plans to go out tonight. You know, trying to make the date memorable to us. Then, being the usual him, he said, "No plans. What's up with today?" So I guessed then today would be just like the rest of the dates hmmm..

But something DID happen today.. I fell, again! For the third time this month I think.. Excluding those minor falls I had while walking.. I could be very clumsy at times you know. So what's 2010 to me now? Pain! And here I am bedridden in pain huhu..

I hope the pain will ease tomorrow. Mom and dad were nagging me to see the doctor when they saw me limping tonight. Mom was over reacting. She said, "With that size you have, your feet can NOT carry you lah of course!" Right then I felt, sakit kaki, tambah lagi sakit hati. Thank you babu ku sayanggg *sighhh*

We'll see tomorrow how it goes. If this pain continues then, I will have to go to the clinic have it checked. My worries? Me, a fat bride, having a big fat bandaged foot! Or worse, going to the aisle, in wheelchair! Oh no... *gulp!*

Now, I am over reacting! Good night peeps!


Anonymous said...

Pls take my advice babe. Even though you might not feel pain after a while, it will affect you long term unless you can find someone to urut your kaki. takut ada urat tersalah and such...just find someone who knows to betulkan balik urat2 in your kaki InsyaAllah it'll be fine. wear flat shoes for the time being..heels will not do you good. I hate heels. i hope everything will be alright.

Suzila A said...

thanks dear. i will do as u suggested *my tuut also sakit la za. i think my peranakan terganggu jugak kot.. i fell hard on the floor yesterday huhu*

and yes! no more heels!!

Anonymous said...

Salam suzi, u must be careful dear... n takut ku ur parents start asking u mandi bunga tolak bala karang if u not xtra careful :D


Suzila A said...

hihihi jauh palis ahhh... i can be very clumsy lately. baik jua nda fractured kan... ish3...

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