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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The hunting ends..

We have settled down on that one particular wedding ring, though unfortunately can't be replaced with Sapphire. It would cost DF a lonesome of $1630, after a discount price of course. We will collect the items in two weeks time. I need to show them to our moms before finally purchasing them though. Hope they're fine with our choices.

Today I managed to sit down with our office assistant about my leave this December and January. I am planning to take my mandatory leave (which is 14 days - I just knew that if I didn't take them, my 14 days annual leave would still be taken off erkk!!) and my annual leave in December. After a week's working days, then I would take my special wedding leave (which is another 14 days). I will complete the forms tomorrow and I shall update about this in the next entry insyaAllah.

* To Aiza, I will try to go to your wedding on 4th December. Now I am trying to get my leave confirmed by the Ministry and when it's approved, then next, it's seeking my parents' approval to be there and see you and Amad on the aisle. I hope they will let me go ya but so that you know, my parents are very conservative. They still practise the old petua and larangan like kena kurung dalam rumah one month before nikah and such *sigh* I am sure you understand my situation :)

Today mom was nagging about me getting home late the past few nights. What choice do I have left when Sharul could only come home at 5pm and reached home at around 6pm the earliest every day. So I could only reach home at 9pm or 10pm every night after running our wedding errands. We don't really have the time to do everything in the afternoon and get home before evening comes coz we both are working. Like me, I have to stay at work completing my extra duties till 4pm or else, I would have to tolerate seeing mountains of unfinished work on my table, which is always an ugly sight! How I wish my parents are more understanding. Bukan nya main-main ku jalan sampai aher balik ni....... *sigh*

And when I'm pissed, lots of bad thoughts came to mind. Like, wanting this whole wedding thing to be over soon, or wishing to leave the house immediately so I wouldn't have to tolerate their conservative perspectives over this whole marriage petua and larangan. Yet again, I am enjoying every bit of the preparations. I admit, DF and I do face problems here and there and we fight more often than ever before. But I know that when this whole wedding this is over, I am sure gonna miss this moment.

I know when I read this entry again one day, my heart will go "awww...." and "aaahhhh...". Or even say, "I miss that!"

Thinking over, sometimes it feels like I want to be his forever girlfriend so I can always dream of our wedding day. Weird huh! Now that our dream is almost coming true, I already long for the romantic past.

Yes. I will miss this whole wedding preparations. I am sure of that!


Anonymous said...

Sweety that's such a sweet thought and it would be great if you could make it. but if you can't, i understand =) by then it'll be like a month to go before your wedding so im sure you'll have lots of things to settle =) but if you can make it..awwww...*twinkle twinkle little stars in my eyes* LOL!

Suzila A said...

i will try my very best to be there, promise!! :D

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