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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The hunting continues ..

I got the call from Mexx Diamond today after work. I was on my way picking DF up for a movie - for which I was 2 hours late coz I was stuck at work doing some printing. He was dressed up when I got to his place. Poor thing. He had injured his arm at work the day before and he decided not to go to work today.

So I told him about the call. We left there to see the salesgirl about the jewelry set that we had booked. Sharul was not complaining. He seemed alright with the date to the bling-bling shop, though he didn't look so happy hehe :p I guess this is what all grooms-to-be are feeling at the moment of figuring out the quotation or the price of the expensive set. And so I promised him that it would be the last time I would nag him about him spending thousands on me. That made him roll his eyes LoL!!

So now, we're waiting for another 3 quotations of wedding rings that I had chosen tonight. We would take the cheapest one of course. I wanted a Sapphire stone, which is Sharul's favourite too :) I hope it would not cost him much coz so far, he had spent about $3k at Mexx Diamond - diamond and rose/white gold pendant, bracelet and ring, and white gold necklace and earrings. I would spend $1k on his Palladium wedding ring - a two layered-ring that the middle one can be spinned. He said that it would be helpful at the time when he is stress or angry LoL!!

Tomorrow is another day closer to our nikah. I have butterflies in my tummy again while typing this.. And I have not lost a kilo since Raya!! It's just so hard to do so. This Sunday is our appointment to measure our wedding costumes and nikah outfits. I haven't really figured out the designs that I really wanted. Well I guess, we need an expert to do so for us. We hope the tailors at the boutique would be helpful enough to design our bajus. With the size that we are now, I don't think referring to bridal books for designs would help much coz they would only look good on those skinny models!!
We're hopeless at choosing which tone of stones and gold types for our wedding. Thank God we found Mexx Diamond!! Thanks to Louie for suggesting this shop to us :) - DF was sleepy at this time. His aching arm was spoiling his mood too tonight but I admired his patience at being there with me at the shop. I love you sayang. SO MUCH!! :') -
Some of the jeweleries that we have booked .. One made me look like a Datin because of the elegant cut. Another was just fine but we both thought it would look nicer if the Diamond stone was changed to Sapphire. Besides, it would cost us cheaper :)

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