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Friday, 8 October 2010

The packing

I was home all day today but Friday started early. Fluffy was all over me, waking me up coz it's time for her meal. I couldn't get back to sleep so I had breakfast at 7ish (mom was cooking mee laksa so it's basically my rezeki heee) then off doing laundry. By 9ish, I was back to sleep next to Fluffy. At 11am, I was on my lappy, trying to do some unfinished work but ended up watching 'Coffee Prince' instead lol!

Mom saw me at the living room and brought in boxes of gifts for my Berbedak ceremony. She said, time for packing! Now, I am taking a break (coz mom is out buying ribbons, her second trips now hmm...). Earlier, we did trials on where to put the ribbons and how to stick the cards on the gift boxes. I didn't realise how simple thing could be so difficult hmm...

Mom is so cute! She was so excited that when my sister entered the room she said, "You get married soon lah so I can do yours too!" with a wide smile on her face :') I wouldn't know what to do with all the details if it wasn't for mom's creativity and perfections! I am hopeless with wrappings and ribbons and colour combinations and bla bla bla :'p

So after that long hour of matching this and that, we came up with these! Enjoy the sneak peeks peeps! ;)
The gift bags. I can't do much with the colours. Mom is in-charge of it.. Hmmph pink!!
Cute box-gifts for the males
Gifts for the guests :)
This thank-you card is from Bandung. They come in handy when we got them for free heee :D
Thanks Lu for the DVD. Will return it to you soon! ;)


hazel said...

cantiklah pink, dah mcm perfume box pulak..

Suzila A said...

tu lah kan.. mak i punya pilihan. kalau i yang pilih, entah cantik ke tak hehe :p

Anonymous said...

Hello suzi!!!!!!!!!! wah i just got time to visit ur blog and !!!!! YOU KAN KAWIN!!! WAH I so happy for u!!! really enjoy baca your old posts!! A piece of advice, jgn luan bnyk pikir esp pasal badan karang makin stress u! U and him will become RAJA SEHARI once in a life time... so nikmatilah sebaik mungkin! :) - syair :)

Suzila A said...

Syaaaiiirr!! :D how are u my dear? Yea,kan kawin heee :D i remember last time u read about my breakup with him. Alhamdulillah,insyaAllah,sampai jodoh kami soon aamiiin :) now,still having butterflies in my tummy every time thinking of the wedding heheh ;p awu eh,makin naik my weight. Makan saja pfft!! Btw,u're invited! Nanti i post my invitation card okay :) thanks for your advice. I am enjoying every bit of the preparations. Siok!!! Heee ;D

Lulu said...

hmmmph pink! hehehe

Suzila A said...

awu lu. pink. of all colours,she chose pink. hmmph! :D

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