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Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Cats Show 2010

It was held at The Mall, Gadong from 2pm till 6pm. We didn't expect the large crowd. Apparently Facebook has given Brunei Meow great promos on this event that most came wanting to see the cats on display.

Garnette was excited. At home, she was even spending most of her time in her cage, pushing away Fluffy, Tiger and Luna from joining in - the three were showing signs of "worries" seeing her in the cage alone, especially Fluffy. But as she went in, Garnette sent her away LoL! In the end, the three felines left her there by herself heheh :p

In the car, Garnette was anxious. Now she was worried! It was her third time on a road trip and so seeing the outside moving object somehow made her curious. She meowed and jumped here and there wanting to see everything, refusing us from taking her into our arms. Finally reaching The Mall, and eventually putting her on display, she had started to go more anxious.

She hated the attention.

She hated the crowd.

And she hated the small and humid space the most.

During the third hour of the show, she chose to ignore every moving beings around her and dozed off. We were worried of her condition - she had shown sign of stress as bits of her fur had loosen scattering on our shirts - so we took turns taking her into our arms to calm her down. We took her away from the crowd so she could get some air. But this even attracted more visitors to have a closer look at her: taking her photos, touching her and for some daring ones, even asked our permission to cuddle her. We couldn't say "No". We know that Garnette is irresistible..

We took her home an hour before the event ended as the air gone hotter at the end of the day. It's just too humid. Some cat owners also took their cats home the same time we were getting out things together. It was a great event but I'd say, it would be much better if it was held at a more spacious or open space area. Our cats need air and next time, a barrier should be put before the cages. Some public just couldn't be bothered to follow what the organizer had been telling every visitor: "Do NOT touch the cats". As for me and DF, we didn't really mind having people admiring our cat but at times, it's just too much, especially when this old lady suddenly came up to me and grabbed Garnette off my arms! I was like, "Excuse me lady!" and took her back. Macam appaa~~! Sipun ku sporting bagi urang ramai begambar sama kucing ku p mun kurang ajar cematu, bagi marah jua tu dangggg!!!

Well anyway, it was a great experience today. Hope to see more of such event in the future. The organizer said that Borneo Cats Show might be held here in February next year. He's trying his best to make it come true. I hope he'll make it coz it would be amazing having CFA judges to judge the participating cats :D And of course, would be lovely to see cats from around Asia joining the competition! Like our experience seeing one in KK last month :)

Next 15th July's competition will be held in Yayasan, from 2pm to 5pm. We haven't decided to join in or not. If we do, we'll take Tiger this time.

Garnette seems traumatized after today. She has been avoiding me and DF huhu ....

At home: Garnette couldn't be separated from her cage ..In the car: curious of where we would be taking her ..Garnette showing sign of stress: she kept meowing and wanting us to take her out of her cage .. kesian :(Giving up, she dozed off, ignoring the crowds and the heat ..The last hour of the event, I had her in my arms all the time. The crowd was just too many that she seemed suffocated in the cage ..Azad from Azad Cattery recognised Garnette: he owns Garnette's ancestor :DGrooming tips from Edian Cattery :)

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