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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The small serious talk

Well, by now, if you've been following my blog, I'm sure you know what kind of a guy my DF is. He wasn't like he is now. He used to be into-the-serious talks. Planning this and that for our future. Even listed down names of our children (if we have any later in our relationship), and the kind of house we would love to stay in.

Before, our hobby was going into strangers' houses which were under renovation, or were being built. We would pretend to be a desperate husband and wife looking for the right contractors for our so-called house under plan. So by saying so, we got most contractors fooled as they showed us around the incomplete houses they were building: even gave us their business cards. While in fact, we were just doing it for fun. At the same time, building images of how our future home going to be like.

We don't do that no more. We don't have the time as we used to have. The only day we have now is Sunday. And if we're lucky, going for a dine out or movie on Saturday night. The routine, the hobby, we used to have have now gone. Even when we do have the time together finally, we seldom talk. We just spent the time we have chatting about less serious matters. Joking and laughing as we might. Because me miss each other on weekdays like there's no space at all for things that would spoil the mood or even the emotions.

But today, out of the blue we did have that talk. The one when dreams came in and smiles cracked on our faces, like we used to have before. He was in a better mood as he didn't go to work today. The old good feeling reminisced in between. I could feel my self blushing :') I missed that part of him. And mine.

We talked about how everything had gone as we had planned it to be. How worries are not in our diaries like it used to be anymore. We went on about how our lives would be after the marriage. When we would be ready to have our little juniors. How we would make our lives better: me pursuing my Masters Degree and him with his Degree, jokingly warning me not to go on taking my PHD or he would be exhausted trying to catch up :'D

We even went online looking for the uni we would go to after we tied the knot. 2012 is the plan. He would need to work on his fast track programme and to do so, he needs to take about 10 months. We agreed to do it all in Perth. He thinks it's a good place for us to be in. A year there back in 2004 has made him feel belong to that piece of Australian land. I said, "Let's!"

I am still smiling now. I am happy that we had that little talk. You have no idea how much I missed that moment.

We will make it happen. I will make sure of that!

And I made him to promise: no babies till he wears that graduation hat! As for me, I will be on the move with my Masters' proposal paper next week. The girls will be joining me too. It would be fun I'm sure.

And Sharul shall start getting all prepared for that plan we talked about. He should start making reading a habit coz the course we browsed through the uni website consists of quite tough units.

I have faith in him. He will make it.

We will make it!

I said, "We must do this for our kids. We must."

Yes. We will make it!! :)


Scrapper Maya said...

Wish you all the best darl :) Amin...

Suzila A said...

thanks darl :) aamiiinn... :')

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