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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The good sleep & the stupid dream

I slept like a baby last night: the very effect I usually get every time after an hour of foot massage. I am having another one as typing this. Painful, at those major points but feels relieved at the same time. I need a full body massage actually. Remember when I said that I am super sensitive when I enter an unfamiliar place? Well, it's happening again. Maybe tomorrow then I'll have that massage, after the course. We'll see. Then again, I will be joining an educational visit to SMK Merapok in Lawas this Friday: another self introduction to a new place. Well, maybe then I'll pay a visit to a massage parlour on Sunday instead..

I woke up a bit early today: 30 minutes earlier than the sound of the alarm clock that I'd set the night before. Thanks to that stupid dream. Remember the entry I posted about how happy I was because one particular colleague who had left the place am working at? Well, he appeared in my dream. It was ridiculous. He came to me, saying "Hi" and we had a quick chit chat. Then he said, "Hey you know what! I found your blog!!" Right then I stammered, as if trying to cover up a crime. The image of the post came crossing my mind and so I went, "Oh boy..." The next thing I knew, I woke up from my sleep. How crazy!

I don't really mind if he does find this blog, and reads that entry and this very post. I don't think I can stop him, can I?

So YOU.. Welcome to this humble page of mine. And have a good read!

Time to bed now. Nitey nite peeps!

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