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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The good GOOD news!

I am happy today. I don't care how it happened, or why it did. All I care about it, HE'S GONE! *wicked laugh* hahhaha!!!

Oh my God! It's like a wish coming TRUE! My hell at work shall end now hah!! The top men are worried sick coz of the "incomplete" project whatsoever. I REFUSED to stay and grasp the rest of the story. I CHOSE to pick just the MAIN GREAT NEWS! Hahahahhaha!!!


Okay, I sound like a bitch now I know but what the hell! He's G-O-N-E!!! Weeeee~~~~ :'D*taken / copied-pasted from some source when I image googled for "happy funny cat face" hehehhe :p*


aieza karim said...


Suzila A said...

i know.. happy nak mampos kannn hehehhee :p

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