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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The coughing continues ..

.. and the sneezes. So I had wrongly assumed that the flu was vanishing. The past week I had been trying to cope with cough, the cold and in the middle of the nights, the asthma attacks. That's the worst!

The ventolin pills have finished a few days back and now I am back using the puffer, which to my worry, has not given me much impact. I still feel the wheezy chest and my breathing gives out soft whistling sounds *sigh*. I am coping and how I wish I could go out and do some hiking. I know it sounds dangerous at some point but in the past, hiking really helped me. I didn't experience asthma attacks through my hard breathing up on the hill.

I wish the rain will stop soon. I miss the sun. I miss the warm weather. I miss the parks.

I need to exercise my lungs. Seriously I do!

*cough cough* :((

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