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Thursday, 15 July 2010

The day Tiger got lucky :D

Again, it was a last minute decision. Last night, DF and I went to Yayasan trying to have a peek of the area where the Comel Cats Contest was gonna be held. It was slightly bigger than the one held at The Mall last Sunday. This made us think twice to bring Tiger to the event.

But today, after seeing the Brunei Meow's wall stating that the registration fund would go to an autistic child whose mother is suffering from Leukemia, so DF decided Tiger to go join the contest. So there we went, 10 minutes after 2pm. We thought we were late but the queue just wouldn't cut short. At 3pm, the registration booth finally closed and by then, Tiger was placed among 39 other beautiful cats at the centre of the small area.

Like Garnette, Tiger was not happy staying in the cage. I couldn't stay with him until our number was called: number 34. By the time I got to reach him, he was already shaking with fear. He didn't like the crowd.

At the judging table, he was checked.

The female judge questioned me, "Did you just clean his ears?"

I said, "Err .. No." ... then an image of Amal cleaning up Tiger's ear came to mind as I remembered DF's text this morning stating that Tiger was being "serviced" a.k.a. groomed.

By then, the judge commented, "His ears are all red. Seems like they've just been cleaned.."

And so I replied, "Yeah .. A bit of polishing .."

She smiled. Dude! I felt like I was guilty at charge! LoL!

The rest of the hour, all the cats were open for the public to see but not to touch. By this time, Tiger was becoming anxious. The neighbouring cat named Handsome was too friendly. He had his paws getting into Tiger's cage and being defensive, Tiger attacked him instead. Luckily, I was fast or else a fight might have occurred. We separated the two and Tiger remained unhappy for the rest of the visiting period.

After the announcement of the winners of kids' colouring contest, it was then the announcement of the cat winners. The long hair category was won by Snow Shoe's Zaraki, second by Faridah's Brian and third Faridah's PM. Forth was won by a cat owner I just met. The couple looked surprised. I bet they didn't expect it. Fifth place was Keisha's Orion, sixth by a cat named Princess.

The seventh ...... Tiger!!

The announcer had to announce his name twice to make us realise that it was really Tiger that got the 7th place! It was so unexpected :D We were so excited that we missed who won the next 8th, 9th and 10th place hehe.

Tiger got a cat food and groom set hamper :D He was lucky having to win the top 10 in this contest. DF's mom and dad were happy too :D It was a good day :)

Tiger, congratulations! :'D

Me taking Tiger to the judging table, calming him down as he hated the crowd..
Tiger with his winning presents :D

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