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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Abo's berbedak ceremony

26.06.2009 marked the ceremony of our brother's 'berbedak ceremony', one of the many ceremonies in Brunei Malay weddings. 7 colours of powder is sprinkled on the groom's palms ended with the 'bunga rampai' of scented flowers and pandan leaves. The elders are then given the 'bunga telur' to symbolize the prayer for the couple's endless marital relationship and growing size of family kins.

As usual, the families have great time celebrating the weddings. It's the Ahmads' first wedding. The 'bersanding ceremony' will take place tomorrow at the Rizqun Hotel.

Enjoy the pictures! :)


~~ During the day ~~

A small group of our big family :)
The boys of HCAC :)
With cousins from our mom's side: thanks Izz. Your 'gift' really helped during the hot day yesterday hehe :)
The groom: ain't he handsome! Macam bapak aku muda-muda dulu daaa... :P
Our dad 'menepung tawar' :)
Our mom giving her blessing :)
With cousins from our dad's side: we rarely meet but we're still close as ever :)
Me and my elder sister. I know! We don't look alike! :P
With my closest cousin, Yanti. Her turn is this coming December :)
Us and the girls cousins with the groom :)
Our aunts with the groom :)

Now .. Cousins in actions hehehe :P

LOL!! After Pocho-Pocho .. :P


~~ The evening gathering~~

'Berlulur' ceremony: this makes the groom's skin smooth and fairer for the big day :)
According to our culture, the remaining of the groom's 'lulur' powder is mixed with the bride's and keep in a small bag to be thrown away to the sea. Unique eyh :)
Bingo a.k.a. lotto in the living room ...
... karaoke-ing outside the house ...
... and supper in between :)
A crazy night indeed! See my panda eyes!! Huhu~~


Princess Gizmo said...

Pssstt I think you look slimmer here.. Adusshh kambang taya hehehe.. Awuu..I don't know maybe because you were wearing that maroon/red baju? But yes you look slimmer ni.. Bah teruskan usaha ling! ;)

Suzila A said...

Heeee *wink wink* and I thought I've gained weight!! Maybe coz of short of sleep yatah kali slimmer atu *kambangg* or the colour of the baju ;) Balom plang check my recent weight ..

Thanks ling! Mwahs!! :D

Aila said...

Ohhh~ You're getting prettier and slimmer, teacher~ :D

Suzila A said...

Thanks Aila ;)

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