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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Finally it's over..

Well, this should be posted last Sunday but I was sooooooo tired that I didn't go online at all, till now.

The wedding went on well and we got to the bride's on schedule: she wasn't on the aisle yet when we got there hehehe :P and my brother whispered to me before entering the Songket Ballroom saying, "Am dizzy after that 7 rounds!" LOL!!

The bride was beautiful and of course, our brother was handsome with their white songket wedding attires. There was yet another drama the night before the wedding: my brother's wedding suit was too small for him!! Luckily he tried it on that night! Imagine IF he didn't! He spent the night at the tailor's (we assumed) while having his fingers with henna, which was supposed to be done at home *sigh*

Despite all these, the wedding was beautiful! My brother walked along the red carpet to the stage where Diana was waiting with her glitterish gown and tiara. After the 3 times 'salawat', our dad gave his blessing to the couple, followed with our mom. Then, mom put on a set of gold accessories on the bride while me and my sisters were observing. Next, the couple cut the 3 layered cake (or four?). Of course, next we had our photo sessions, something we're expert in ;)

So, now it's over. Alhamdulillah. I have no energy left still peeps! Am charging it now *phew!*

Though we're extremely exhausted, we're tremendously happy that it went smooth as we prayed it'd be. Alhamdulillah :)

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the groom! It's his birthday today. I pray for his health, happiness and endless marriage aamiiinnn :)

PS: I'll upload the wedding pictures I snapped soon :)

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