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Friday, 5 June 2009

A night well spent!

It was my first time going to such event. Sharul and Johnny joined me, Lulu and my sister canceled at last minute. It was held at De Anggerek Hotel from 8pm till 11ish. The Comedy Night was awesome! And Louie was fabulous!! Johnny and I were also amazed watching Martyn on the stage. The "quiet" Martyn we knew was very different last night! He was brilliant!

In fact the whole team was good. We laughed all the way. LOL!! Worth the $20 ticket. I won't miss the next year's show!! :D Have a read on the production here.

Me, Louie and Johnny before the show started
Louie, Albert and Martyn in a "Restaurant" sketch. Very funny! :D
A brilliant show! An interview on "History" topic LOL!!
A "Poetry Reading" sketch. "Lyn" LOL!!
This lady is fab!! The audience loved her!! :D
The "Two-Sheds" sketch, the part I was supposed to be in but I pulled out from it since I was sick last week. This guy did way better than I did am sure :)
Show break for dinner. We loved the food!
Booked for 5 but only 3 of us came ..
LOL!! Never imagined Alan could be so funny and talented!!! He even has a good voice. Now I can never see him the same at work hehehe :P
Oh I laughed a lot at this sketch!! Ahahaha!!!! "Pappadam" LOL!!
My favourite one: "The Bored Pilots". These two lads were very very funny!!! :DAlign Center
The girls at the table: Louie, Izan, Noi and me. I meet Izan and Noi every week during Drama Courses :)
The casts last night *standing ovation* :)
The audience shared their jokes before the night ended. Not bad at all ;)
A brilliant MC! Bravo!! :D


Princess Gizmo said...

Glad you had fun!! At least you enjoy life like never before!! Apakan?? LOL... "Why So Serious?" hahaha... XD

Suzila A said...

LOL!! :P

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