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Friday, 26 June 2009

An alert thought

It's almost 2.30am and am still wide awake. Can't seem to go to sleep. Dad is still karaoke-ing downstairs, singing those P.Ramlee songs. A few hours ago, we had done some arrangement for tomorrow's Berbedak Ceremony for my brother (well, it's later since it's already 26th June). I am glad it's almost over now. Boy's wedding will be this Sunday but my Saturday morning will be taken over since we've to go to work to attend the H1N1 briefing. It's scary knowing that there are 18 cases recorded in the state already.

This morning I was awaken by the sound of the MSN message. I had fallen asleep still online on MSN and even wearing my glasses. Lately, I went to bed late since our lil cousins are sleeping over at our place. With them around, we gotta be alert at all times, you know, preparing stuff for our lil guests. It's nice having them company and with the wedding ceremonies, it's a lil handy with them around. The week's routine now is karaoke-ing, playing lotto and lucky draws. Sure they involve money. It's a good thing having a big family. We tend to share the spendings and such, alhamdulillah :)

It's rather misleading if I said there's no drama thoughout the ceremonies or the weeks towards the wedding. There were arguments, especially those concerning the money, even the catering for all the events. We even had a raw over the decorations of the house, even the chair for the groom! These are normal I think. Good things like weddings are always tested, if you know what I mean. Alhamdulillah, we managed, so far :)

I believe, families get closer and bonds get stronger through all these drama. No matter how hard it is, with families around, and everybody's support, everything runs as smooth as planned. Now the wedding events are almost over, focuses are starting to direct on me. Mum has even planned the souvenirs for my wedding you believe!

I know I should be glad since it's been my dream to get married as later as next year. But with all the scream and shout the past weeks, I'm having second thought about it. Thinking it over, the main sources of the problems are money, and time. Sharul and I have certain dates in mind, following mum's request. Now, the money. I have financial back-up. I'm not sure about Sharul, since he has only started working this year. So .. it's kinda complicated.

I'm sure there will be some similar drama in my wedding events next year but I hope it won't be as bad as what we had so far. To get this, I should aim for it! And be 100% ready! I don't want to burden my families with all the troubles that might rise. I should solve the problems before they even become one ..

Alright, dad has finally stopped singing and now tuning to the sound of the Quran recitation. We have used to sleeping with the sound of it. I guess I better go to bed now. Good night peeps! And have a look at the newly wed couple :)


Lulu said...

Suzi, pls congratulate Diana & ur bro n send my best wishes to them.. i dun tink i can make it dis Sun.. got stuff to do.. back to skul preparation :(

Suzila A said...

Difahami tu Lulu! ;)

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