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Saturday, 6 June 2009


Congratulations to my cousin, Irman Hifni, for winning the Pop Contemporary category in tonight's Simfoni Tanahair 2009 competition. It was held at RTB in Bandar and Sharul went with me. We got there on time and were so lucky that we were ushered to the very front seats! Sharul's sister, Nadia, texted him up in between the show to see whether it was really us on TV lol!!

I am proud to say that Bruneians too have talent in singing and dancing. The costumes and accessories were also very well presented. Sharul and I loved this particular dancer who danced gracefully at one time and so actively at the next song that it was rather hard to capture her pictures. Tonight's show was full of colours and entertainment. Even Sharul, not a so much fan of Brunei artists, enjoyed the night and he said, I quote: "I'm proud that I'm Bruneian now." And I am too! :)

What upset me was when Osmali's song didn't get the top 3 :( I still cried listening to his song, like I did during the semi-final. What's more, it's based on true story so I could imagine the hurting of losing a loved one .. After the show, I came up to him and congratulated him, saying how much his song had touched me. Sharul came up to the female singer and took a picture with her. We then talked about the song for a while and congratulated her and the team once more.

Congratulations to Irman again. It's his first time composing a song and he won! I'm proud of you bro!! :D

Enjoy the pictures! :)


~~Simfoni Tanahair 2009~~

Venue: Dewan Raya RTB, BSB
Time: 7:30 - 10:00pm

The hosts
The dancer we liked so much (on the left). Sharul and I looked around for her to take a picture with her but we thought she left at the back door :( We didn't even know her name ..
Nice costume and you should see the group dance! Fuhh!! Very well practised and presented!! We got so distracted that we didn't listen to the song but watched them dance all the way lol!! The singer won first place in the other Irama Asli category :)
Cute aren't they!! The boy counted his steps lol!!
Dewi singing Osmali's song. Very touching ..
This guy has the strongest voice!! He sang Irman's song too :)
Irman and friends in action :)
The proud smile :D
Me and Osmali
Us with Dewi :) *Kambang sayangku atu!! Hehe*
I love his work! :)
The winner for Irama Asli category, Fakhrulrazy :)
Lol!! Us with Irman's trophy! Teparam ku ulih the boys ahaha!!
Me and Irman :)
Fuhh! I so like his voice!!
Me and Putri Noriza. She won the best vocal :)

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