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Friday, 5 June 2009

Dia bunyi lagiiiii ..............

It's 10 past. My headache is still here since yesterday. I went out to cut the hair coz I believe it's this lengthy hair that invites the headache lately. So unfortunate, 2 of the salons I usually go to were closed. So instead, Sharul took me to dinner and I took 2 pills of panadol. I was actually trying not to consume anymore drugs but the headache is just ........ and it's still here!

And the neighbours are karaoke-ing now! Grrrr!!!! Jangan tah kami tidur nah! Melalak tah kamu sana ahhh!!!

I understand the celebration with the wedding and all but it's late and it's working night. We need to sleep! I don't mind them singing but I wish they could be MORE considerate. Lower the volume for God's sake!!

Now they're singing that old Malay song. The woman can NOT sing and the guy sounds like a girl!! Gawd!!! My ears are burning people!!!


I needed to 'forget' the headache this afternoon so I finally spread that carpet Sharul bought me. It's perfect!! Praying on it is heaven! I love it!!

When we watched "Syurga Cinta" last time, we noticed that the hero's living room was decorated with this very same carpet, only bigger. Seeing him and his brother praying on it looked very comfy too. I can feel it now!! Worth the $149 price :) It was sold for $300 before its discount. You can find more on 2nd floor of The Mall. It's a clearance sale now ;)


Now the neighbours are singing DANGDUT!! God help me!!! :@


Supermummy said...

hahaha,imagine ku karoake-an ah,mmg stress tu eh,mcm cerita seniman bujang lapok...tutup tlinga pakai kapas..hahahaha..

Suzila A said...

Awuuuu! Pisannn~~

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