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Friday, 26 June 2009

My 1-month Fridays attempts

As I mentioned in my previous entries, my Fridays last month were booked on decorating the hantarans for my brother's wedding: both from the groom and bride sides. The bride herself did lend a hand so the hantarans from us were not a surprise for her at all, except for the Quran and Sirih Junjung which I did a day before the Nikah Ceremony.

I got compliments from the families and neighbours but I have doubt that the hantarans I made were pretty enough. After all, it's my first few attempts. Well, at least the couple saves a few bucks for not paying the experts making them the hantarans ;)

Enjoy the pictures guys! Now I am really going to bed!! *yawn*


~~From the groom to the bride with maroon and gold theme~~


~~From the bride to the groom with black and grey theme~~


Princess Gizmo said...

A very well done job indeed!!! ;) I'm so proud of you dear!!! :) Glad you asked me abt colours hehehe.. Next time sal colours tanya saya ye.. Menjadi jugak ye :D Lawa2 zi eventhough simple ;) Simplicity is the best :) I likeeee...

Lulu said...

LAWA, Suzi... boleh jdi business hehe.. i like too :)

Princess Gizmo said...

Yes, Lulu boleh buat bisnes dah ia ahh hehehe.. Tani ambil 20% kalau dapat cari customers for her, apa macam? Setuju? Hehehe.. :D

Dd said...

dat hantaran decor is nice n simple...bleh buat bisnes tu :)

Suzila A said...

Thanks to you Maya for your colour suggestions ;) Maroon and gold rock! The bride's wish for black and grey theme also a success :D *phew!*

Lulu, naah! Bisnes? Balom ehh! It's tiring but a satisfaction in the end when all are done. It drains the brain out! Huhu~~

Dd, thanks for dropping by my blog :) & thanks for the compliment. First trials tu buat hantaran ahh. Kan bisnes nda laku kali ehh kekeke :P salam perkenalan :)

shahrul said...

its amazing! lawa eee tak ku sangka rupa2 nya? ada talent panya gd work

Suzila A said...

heheheeee :D my baby in da house people!!! welcome to my humble page my prince *wink wink* :D

awu! yatah ni yang membagi ku bad mood sometimes. kepisan membuat sayangkuuuu huhu~~ baik jua menjadi hehe ;)

tq! tq! thanks for the compliment! ;)

Lulu said...

yep, Maya.. we can help promote n get dat 20% hehe.. Suzi, if stress jdi teacher.. ani lah back-up profession hehehe

Suzila A said...

Lulu .. sounds good to me!! ;) I should need an accountant then! You know am never good with numbers lol! :P

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