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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

That "new" thought of ..

I am not gonna say much about the Bp condition. For the record, I haven't gone to have it checked since the last visit to the clinic last Thursday. The diet is getting on my nerve: I just finished up a plate of bitter guard [sp?] a.k.a. peria. Ewww! SO bitter!! Huhu~~ I'm going out later to watch a movie with my sayang. Been trying to watch "Syurga Cinta" but it's always sold out! Lawa banar kah??? I'm not so much of a fan of Malaysian movies, except a few by Yasmin Ahmad and Amir Muhammad.

Anyway, I am writing now to share a thought. Last night, the long awaited drama on Indosiar was eventually on air (Gawd!! "Muslimah" took ages to end!!). It's called the "Muallaf". I am a fan of Shahrul Gunawan, who starred in a drama series a few years back "Jalan Lain Ke Sana", also used to be playing on Astro. The "Muallaf" is so far, though it's just the first episode, a very intriguing genre: a faithful servant of God and an atheist. You can imagine the taboo surrounding the dialogues. As for me, it's an eye opener as I don't have many atheist friends, except one, whom I just found out last night.

I don't know how many of you guys out there are atheist, or non believer in God. As for this friend of mine, I have known him for quite some time. In fact, he is one of the reasons to why I finally decided to open this page and start writing. We met in Tagged website two years ago and as he had mentioned, he likes my writing. Thank you my friend. You know who you are :-)

Back to the topic. I am not, shall you say, an "alim" girl. You can see how I dress, whom I work with and all. I am not like those other Muslim women with scarfs on all the time but I do have faith in God. These little things that others see me do might not seem to "see" the inner of me who praise and believe in the Almighty and His Rasul. Nevertheless, when I watched the "Muallaf" last night, I learnt several things that I was "insensitive" about.

Before, I used to think that non-believers of God are ungrateful and selfish: they walk the earth, enjoy the creations that God has given yet they don't believe the presence of Him. For me, being a believer, I am the luckiest person living. But, I "failed" to see that atheists are humans too, like me. I believe, they don't. So who am I to judge them when we all live in the same world and step on the same earth? It's every human's right to choose to have faith or not. Now, I "see" the fact, though not so clearly, but I have accepted their choice.

The friend, the atheist I mentioned above, happened to ask me the taboo question last night:

"Is there God? There is grave for sure with people weeping above them."

When I read this text, I remembered the "Muallaf" right away. What a concidence, I said. So, with the "new" lesson that I learnt earlier last night, I replied him:

"I believe in one, the creator of what we are and things we have and see. From Him I came from and to Him I shall return. And graves are like bus stations that will take those who passed to the final destination, to Him, the Almighty. I believe in one, yes."

He replied:

"I don't know who has created the big bang? How big is the outer space? Human came from Mars? Darwin theory? No answer. We never know. Who is God? I wish I know but I know there is no God."

And I texted him back:

"There is answer to every question, if you keep looking. Try harder. Read more. Keep searching. Believe me, when you find the answers, you'll be relieved."

He texted me again, this time saying:

"Love is answer. I saw it in animals. I saw them cry when their loved one dies."

This reply got me thinking for a moment. How does the main topic get to do with love? I asked my self. Then a thought came like a bullet. So I replied:

"If you say so. For me love is a feeling created on God's will. I know you might find this lame but I believe it so. Sharul and me for example, we fell in love, we fought, we broke up but in the end, we made up. Now, we're together again. God has answered my prayer. I asked, IF Sharul is the one, let him mine. He listens."

With that, the topic dropped. He texted me back saying how happy he was with me and Sharul back together. This friend of mine was the "ears" when I nagged about how miserable I was when Sharul and I split up. This friend is a true friend.

This friend also taught me very important lessons: for me not to simply find answers asked but to "discuss" the matter and not to try to "win" the conversation. Also, I made my self reminded that everybody has the right to convey their thoughts, like I do. Hence, I believe, I found it rather "easy" to discuss the taboo topic with him last night. He respected my thought, so I did his.

I think thinking alone does not worth a million. Thinking it through with those around you worth much more. So I am sharing this all with you out there. Not to show what I am capable of or not competent about but to convey my "sighting" on such an issue which I was blinded before.

Personally for me, this is a lesson to remember ..


Anonymous said...

Hi ting! I've watched syurga cinta already...Lawaa and membagi insaf. Menangis jua meliat..Heehe and its funny too. U shud watch it.

Suzila A said...

Hi Ting! Awu!! We loved it!! Hehehe :P

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