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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

One of the MANY

Scene: during individual work, at the back of the classroom
Topic: naming the islands of Japan

Me: A, please! Pick up your pen, start writing!
A: *looked at me blankly*
Me: A! C'mon! You gotta do this.
A: Okay 'cher .. *picked up his pen and started to sit up right*
Me: I think you should see a counselor. You NEED to! You're out of focus.
A: No, no 'cher! Me okay now. Yaargh! Got spirit already!! *showed off his fist high then looked at his friend sitting next to him* Okay, K! What to do?
K: This lah! *pointing at the map of Japan* He's lazy bah 'cher!
Me: Yea, I know that! A! Do your work!
A: Okay 'cher ..
K: *started answering a few questions*
A: *observing K*
Me: So, what's the biggest island of Japan? Look here *pointing at an empty space on the map that ended with the word 'island'*
K: Pacific 'cher?
Me: What?! Pacific ISLAND?? Pacific is an ocean lah! Not an island!
K: Owwhhh heeeee *smiled*
Me: So, what's the name of the biggest island of Japan?
K: *silent for a few seconds* Dunno eh!! A! Your turn now!
A: Huh!! Island? *looked at the map blankly*
Me: Urhgg! You two NEED help!!

... And the same lesson repeated ... Aiyo!!

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