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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The additional cats

I've been meaning to introduce another member of our cats society but I was worried over Fluffy's condition that it had been kept on hold. Last night, DF actually mentioned why haven't I put up the new cat on this page. So here it is, Luna, a female Persian that we bought about two weeks ago. She's only 3 months.
We named her after the colour pencils brand name coz she's got three different colours of coat: brown, white and grey. She's so fluffy and we adore her! We sometimes call her the Chinese cat. Her eyes are smaller than the rest so... hehe :P

And do you remember Tiger? Here's his latest pictures :)
He's our only cat that stares at the camera even when it flashes!
Except when he's sleeping hehehe :D

In the first week, Luna wasn't accepted by the royal couple: Prince Whiny and Fluffy. Only Tiger befriended her. She could only get near the two when they were sleeping. Other than that, she'd be rejected through hissing and clawing..
Poor lil thing... She's accepted now though. Happily :)

Now Tiger and Luna are inseparable! They go everywhere together. And Tiger is so naughty! He climbs up the chair now, up high and jumps! He's a 2 month old stunt! Luna is copying whatever he's doing. She was limping for a few days. We believed she was trying to do what Tiger was doing: jumping off a high chair down ehheheee :D
Them wrestling ...
Luna's losing...Ahaa!! girl power this time!! ;)And dozing off... also together! :)

And now introducing a cat in our house, officially our dad's cat's kitty. A domestic short hair, female, so active, so noisy, so clingy hehehe :D My youngest brother is her favourite. She won't keep quiet till he comes home so she can join him sleep in bed. So manja! To Aiza, this is the cat I told you about. Don't you think she looks like your Muji? :) Hope this could hilangkan your rindu to him.. Sorry for the delay of posting these pictures up..
What you lookin' at?
I'm bored!!Her with another dad's cat. I think he's already about 5 years old now.. He's seldom at home. Dad would tell him to come back after loitering around the kampong. And he did come back! On the exact days my dad instructed him to :) So obedient!
After meals.. never finishes her share of the food! But she grows up well! Love her fur. So clean and no ringworms at all. She's only about 4 months now :)
See! So bising!! Hehehe :D


Anonymous said...

Salam Suzi,
hehe.. makin ramai kucing u.. I used to have 53 cats before then masa ani tinggal 5 saja. The oldest is 19 yrs old but constantly act like 4 mths old :D The good part, they bring laughter to our life but once mati, perit! I do understand ur feeling masa fluffy sakit... hope she getting better..


Anonymous said...

oh my she reminds me so much of Muji =((

Suzila A said...

hi Syair! wow!! 53!! that's a lot!! :D & how long can a cat live actually? 19 years is quite old sudah tu... yes. if dorang sakit, bagi sedih berabis :( hope nda dorang sakit lagi & hope they will live long aaamiinnn...

Suzila A said...

aiza, sama kann.. sorry if i brought tears to you.. that's unintentional *hugs*

Miss Meow said...

I didn't know you brought the kitten home udah! so cute! Namanya lagi lawa tu, Luna :D

Btw to make it easier for you to explain her color, I'll tell you what she is, she's a dilute calico :)

Suzila A said...

heee *blush* still learning those kitty's codes ;) thanks miss meow! :)

PS: lyndon says 'hi'. he was laughing listening to my stories i got from u kekekkee :P

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