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Thursday, 21 January 2010

The scrambled thoughts

I feel like writing but I haven't got anything in particular to share this time. I actually need to get to bed now but my head just won't let me. I've had a migraine on the left side of my head since this afternoon. I don't want to take the panadol coz I read somewhere that a tablet of it would last 4 years in our body and so it'll affect out body system throughout this period. In the end it would result to the malfunction of our kidneys. I don't know whether this is true or not but I'm pretty sure do not dare to try out for the actual outcome, whatever it may be.

On my way home just now, I was listening to the radio about donations for the victims of earthquake in Indonesia and typhoon in the Philippines. I gotta say, the donating service online through texting is responsible to the birth of generous public here in the country. I haven't sent any to this particular collection though. Not that I don't trust the service but I guess it's been set in my head that such donations might not get to its intended destinations or hands of those victims. I learned this during my Public Affairs course in A'Level back in 1997/1998. Our lecturer at that time used to say that some countries' support and help didn't get to be delivered as intended but taken away by irresponsible parties, especially those governments with very very bad political issues. I guess it's in my head that if I were to donate some cash, it won't get to where it should belong to so in the end, I couldn't get my self to make those textings. God bless the victims.

I've been missing the "Katak Atas Tempurung" series now. I used to listen to it every Tuesday or Wednesday at 7.30am on the way to work. This year's timetable has been changed that requires us to be at school before 7.30am so I never had the chance to get to listen to the series this year. It's a loss for me personally because I have always admired the writer of the series, Tuan Haji Husin bin Abdul Rahman, who usually conveys his thoughts and read by a female deejay. I admire most of his writings and what he shares have always been something that we see around us yet we're too care less to notice. His writings never failed from making me think and realise how some little simple things could be made into such beautiful and expressed thoughts. I wish to see him someday, interview him and learn tips at better writing. I wonder if he has a blog. It would be really nice to see it coz I'm sure I will miss the series this year definitely.

Oh this migraine is killing me! I hope it would be gone tomorrow as am gonna have a long ride to a secondary school in Limbang, Sarawak. It's a professional trip, a second after last year's to SM Kebangsaan Merbau in Miri, Sarawak. I hope there won't be a long queue at Kuala Lurah and I DO hope that the seniors won't be playing those dangdut songs like last time!

Or this migraine will stay all the way! Errghh!!

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