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Friday, 8 January 2010

The first week of 2010

So far, alhamdulillah. I have not complained much career wise and I am happy to say, I am doing great as someone's fiance ;) We'll see in the next coming weeks coz it's kinda weird, GOOD weird, that we haven't argued much over a thing. Hmm... Maybe my wishes finally DO come true huh! Alhamdulillah :)

I am doing fine at work. There are lacks here and there of course, it's still the first week so.. I vow to make it better this year! I must!! Though that one step promotion is unwelcome but I will show it to them that I can do it! Yes I CAN!

I eat more calories than I used to recently. I gained 5kg back from our family trip to KK last month. All we ate were KFC and Burger King, every day and every night! So today I went brisk walking with Leng while Lulu and Zul hiked the Shahbandar Hill. We only did a round of the 'tasek' coz we both felt so heavy! Bleurrgh!! So we waited at the parking lot for the two girls. It was while waiting that we saw Princess Sarah!! We were stunned that I forgot to take out my camera to take a picture with her!! She is sooooo fine!!! She was with her mum. I guess they were going hiking too. With that size, I would find hiking less tiring. With my weight now, at Shahbandar... No way!! Pfft!!!

The four of us then had breakfast at Faize Restaurant, Kiem joining us. It was brunch I must say coz we ate a whole lot of meals LOL!! So much for sweating out those calories in the morning huh! I've gotta restrict my self to lesser calories per day soon or Sharul would be standing next to a hippo on the aisle *Okay that is NOT funny! Pfft!!*

Fluffy is down with flu again today. I don't know what has got into her. I thought we had got those antibiotics in her.. Anyway, I drove down to Sharul's to pay a visit but I couldn't leave after seeing her. I saw clear thick fluid coming out of her mouth and greenish mucus near her nostrils. She found it very hard to breathe too that she was breathing through her mouth :( I almost cried seeing her that way. I called Sharul right away and told him to come home.

The next 3 hours, while waiting for him, I spent the time with Fluffy at the veranda so she could breathe easily there. Indeed it worked. I had to look after her and wiped away those flowing discharge from her eyes and nose. I groomed her every hour so she'd feel better with her loss of hair. She didn't eat anything nor drink so I had to force her to drink, which made her eyes watery.. It must've hurt her :( I also fed her little Tiger's soft food to at least make her feel stronger.

The forcing and hurting helped her a bit as she fell asleep, though still breathing through her mouth. The watery nose had then gone dry but she had that runny nose again when I took her inside the house as the day had gone darker. She fell asleep in Nadiah's bed and I dozed off next to her. Sharul got home soon after and we rushed to Petlink Vet.

One thing for sure now is Fluffy is NOT pregnant (thank God!!) and she's been fed with those antibiotics and flu tablets. She had not eaten anything when I left her but it seemed that she looked better. She could walk again now. I hope that's a good sign..

I will visit her again tomorrow after work. She really worries me..

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