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Sunday, 17 January 2010

The week of ..

I have been away a few days, intentionally. I did have stories to tell but just couldn't get it started. A lot of things have been playing around in my head that words can't just tell and fingers just can't type them out. Somehow, a single deep breath could help the pressure. Sometimes it worked, at times it wouldn't. Time flies so fast that it's just hard to believe it's another Sunday here today. Phew!

The pressure on the wedding preparations is here already. I know I got lots to do but I just can't seem to start. I don't know which point to start first. For sure the "pengangun" is already booked now. Mom made the booking. Oh by the way, the wedding date has been set. Will announce it when the time has come. I need to make a couple of things settle first before actually "booking" you guys for my day :)

I have been engaged just 2 weeks now but it felt like forever. It's a different feeling and I could sense I am becoming too attached to him. He felt the same way. He said it's unlike the 8 years that we've been together as a couple. It's good knowing that. Just now we were discussing on our wedding plan. The honey moon destinations included. We planned to have it in Australia, also to visit his foster families when he was studying there a few years ago. He wanted to introduce me to them. But with the recent racism acts happening there to those unfortunate Indian graduates, Australia is for me out of the list now.

So we started on a few new lists: first the USA, then the Europe, then Japan, Korea ... I lost count. Unhappy, he now left it all to me to choose where to go. And so, I might be asking advice from my friends since they travel a lot, like Johnny, Lulu, Leng and Roslin. But honestly, I have always wanted to go to Korea. We'll see ..

And oh Fluffy has been better alhamdulillah :) I didn't go see her after the last post. I was so hurt seeing her sick that I didn't even text Sharul and ask him how she was. I was cruel thinking of it now *sigh* Two days after, I visited her finally. When I arrived, she was sleeping, looking weak and thin :( I touched her and she woke up. I put some food in front of her and she rose right away. She ate half her meal soon after. The rest was happy seeing her eating. Apparently, she had not eaten for many days. Even if she did, she wouldn't eat that much. No wonder she had gone thinner :( I took a few shots of her eating right then.
Her first meal after days of not wanting to eat or drink anything.. I'd say this is our happiest moment seeing her getting well though very slowly..Sharul came joining us as soon as he reached home from work. He's talking to Fluffy now, trying to make her drink more water...
Align CenterSee how thin she is :( I could feel her bones through her skin :(

Since that day, I paid visits every time I was free. She seemed to be glad seeing me coz she'd lie on my lap and dozed off comfortably. Sharul's dad said, Fluffy must be wanting me around all the time coz she'd be passive when I left. Once, I cleaned her up with a wet towel. She just let me groom her and soon after, she slept right next to me for many hours. Even today, she woke up after an hour of afternoon nap looking for me. Seeing me still in the same room, she fell asleep again. Poor thing. If only tomorrow is an off day, I'd bring her home so she can always feel my presence.

We'll wait for a few more days to bring her to the vet again to have her checked up. When she's ready, we'll get her that vaccinated shot so her immune system would be stronger. As a 6 month old cat, she'd fallen sick twice and surely we don't fancy seeing her sick again. Sharul's parents even asked for "air tawar" (water that's been read with holy words of the Quran) and let her drink the water to cure her. Alhamdulillah, it worked. Honestly, we were all scared that we'd be losing her last week. Thinking of how sick she was, it nearly makes me cry again. Please Fluffy baby, don't get sick again okay *hugs and kisses*

Other than spending the time with her, work has been copable (if there is such a word). As a head, it's not easy coz there are heavier responsibilities on my shoulders. So far, I am trying hard giving out the best I could. I pray that I won't fall sick coz with the cold and wet weather now, it won't be helping much. I am thankful that my body is shielded from those bacteria an cold viruses that my ill coleagues and families are breathing out. Alhamdulillah, I am not capturing any so far. I don't wanna get sick coz if I do, I would definitely get those asthma attacks again, na'uzubillah! Please ya Allah. Please keep my health at its place, aaamiiinnn....

It's pouring again now. My prayer is still the same as this. May it all come true, aaamiiinnn....


Anonymous said...

Genial brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

Suzila A said...

Hi anonymous! Wow! I wonder how this entry did that.. Keep visiting then. Glad it's helping ;)

Anih said...

Time racing..everything ran so many things to do in so little time..sigh~

im becoming more busy like crazy now darls..but issokay :') and reading ur blog..yes, life after engagement is different..blm g sdh kahwen.. :)

preparation kan kawen, yes stressful tapi siuk..iski mliat bju kawen n such..haha. Gud luck for everything darls..glad to see both of ur guys happy after menjalani so many dugaan..

Pray for you happiness ling hingga ke akhir hayat..Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.. *hugs*

and, get well soon si Fluffy jua ah.. I noe how u feel. Mbri ksian mliat ling ia kurus. Tapi mahu sabar ah..perlahan2 tu..sehat tu ia nanti..Amin..

Take care always darls :)) *hugs*

Suzila A said...

anih, i know! time flies so fast now it's third week of january already! next next week will be february. you believe that!

anyway, fluffy is doing much better yesterday. i had to be around her after work. she'd sleep on my lap or next to me. she'd snore comfortably for many hours, only to wake up to make sure i was still around or not. once i left kan balik. she waited for me dapan pintu. waiting for me naik tangga. kesian jua tuuu... nda g mau makan! manja banar tia arahku. i think maybe ya terasa i was the one yang jaga kedia berabisly, you know sampai lapkan kedia apa.. if yang lain lapkan ya, mana ya mau. if aku lapkan, ya teranah. kesian ahh... macam baby..

i hope she won't fall sick again. macam urang gila ku menangisi kedia sakit hari tu. sampai mencuba bagi aing betawari untuk urang sakit. in fact, masa ku bagi makan atu, waktu maghrib tu. radio ada dalam bilik masa tu bepasang. yatah kuasa Allah Ta'ala. kami banar-banar pikir ya nada chance hidup hari tu :( bagi menangis menganang...

bah ling, we meet up nanti ahh update stories. before i'm 100% busy for my wedding. karang lapas kawin nda tau apa g di busykan tu huhu~~

miss you darl~~ lama nda jumpa banarrr *tsk tsk*

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